The Tloinin Galaxy (RG 0-7-486822-2277 in 9.9.0) is a type Sa spiral galaxy located approximately 725 Mega-light-years light years from the Milky Way galaxy. The galaxy is the home galaxy of both The Tloinan Empire and The Vlanoan Intergalactic Republic.

Only two currently alive species exist within the galaxy; the Tloinan and the Vlanoans. Both of these species are governed fully or partially by two artificial intelligences, The Administrator and DELYATU. The two entities control roughly half of the galaxy each, with no other civilizations having any presence within it.

The two most major planets are Tloinin (the namesake of the galaxy itself) and Onaud.


The galaxy first came to be at about the same time as the Milky Way did, 14.5 billion years ago. For three billion years after it formed, the galaxy harbored no life as its stars had too little of a metallicity to harbor anything more than asteroids.

The first life formed in the Tloinin galaxy 10 billion years ago, however, it only yielded bacteria. No complex life formed. It was not until 566 million BCE that complex first came to be on Onaud and later Tloinin. Onaud and Tloinin were almost in sync for when major events occurred. Sapient life emerged in 150 thousand BCE on Tloinin and in 127 thousand BCE on Onaud, again in very similar time frames.

The two planets created their first artificial intelligences at fairly similar times as well. First the Tloinan in 89120, and later the Vlanoans in 90071. The two AI's did not believe this to be a coincidence, but concluded that it was after several decades of deliberation.

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