The Tloinin Galaxy is a type Sa spiral galaxy located approximately 312 Megalightyears light years from the Milky Way galaxy. The galaxy has no satellites and very few intelligent species.


The Tloinin Galaxy, also known as Nowu'au (in Vlanoa) is the home galaxy of both The Supreme and DELYATU. Only two intelligent species exist in the galaxy: The Tloinan and the Vlanoans. The galaxy was named after the planet Tloinin, because of its significance.

Although not much intelligent life exists there, the galaxy is rich in bacteria covered worlds and primitive multicellular planets.

Two artificial intelligences inhabit the galaxy. Each one controls virtually half of the galaxy.

This galaxy is actually quite small, which has spurred extra-galactic conquest or the two A.I.s.

The Tloinin galaxy is also where the second-largest war in the history of the universe took place. This was the Tloinin War.

While there are many wormholes leading out of the galaxy, only one leads to human-controlled space. This one opens at the milky way.

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