The Tloinin Invasions were a series of battles which occurred during the War of the Ancients. Most of them took place within the Tloinin Galaxy, and the surrounding Administrator and DELYATU possessions.


Conflicts before WOTA

These battles were all Alliance assaults on The Administrator and DELYATU.

Initial Encounter


The Initial Encounter was the first contact that The Administrator had with the Alliance of Five. (Transcript here) the battle happened when an Alliance harvester fleet unknowingly started to steal strange matter from local storage vaults. The Alliance, thinking that it was abandoned, only sent in light defense ships, 10 harvester ships, and a diplomatic ship that would explain their actions if any other ships came by.

The Administrator soon noticed the Alliance ships, and immediately demanded for them to stop. However, The Alliance tried to justify their actions by informing The Administrator of their situation. The Administrator took an entire second to process what is happening. The Administrator then decided that the Alliance was a threat to its existence. The Administrator then fired upon The Alliance, making sure to knock out every harvester ship. The Alliance handled the area with their sheer technological advantage, destroying The Administrator's local forces.

This ended up being the first major conflict preceding the War of the Ancients. The battle for this area lasted roughly 3 weeks, with a hard Alliance victory. The entire conflict for the resources in the area lasted about 10 years, ending with a ceasefire after The Administrator decided to sign a resource treaty. However, this did not stop the Alliance from commiting the First Invasion of Tloinin only a few centuries later.

First Invasion of Tloinin

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Conflicts during WOTA

These battles in Administrator and DELYATU history were fought during the War of the Ancients, during a time where Alliance forces paid much attention to the Salia Cluster.

Vlanoan Insurgency


This battle took place around the planet Onaud, the seat of DELYATU. This battle was a local Alliance-funded rebellion against DELYATU, which only lasted for a few weeks. Many rebels eventually defected out of the country to join The Alliance, but the ones who were caught were killed without question.

In the Vlanoan Insurgency, trillions of Civilian Vlanoans took arms against DELYATU. This was because they were promised an extreme technological advantage, and high living conditions by The Alliance. They also told the future rioters and that DELYATU would have them enslaved if they did not act immediately.

Week One

The small Vlanoan populations were subjected to many things. They were given photographs, videos, and word about a better life outside of DELYATU. these usually spreaded on the internet via cyber warfare. Most Vlanoans at the time considered these to be not real, as life in DELYATU is all that they knew. However, a few bold Vlanoans decided that it was better to look at both sides. Some began to question their government as more Alliance cyber attacks were committed on popular forums and websites.

Week Two

By now, this event is highly publicized, and many Vlanoans have questioned their place in the world. Many wish to leave, while a few fanatics want to take down the government themselves, and live on a free Onaud. DELYATU took great notice to this, shutting down major websites, and censoring any talk about this event. This only made things worse, as many saw this as restrictions of their basic rights.

A few days into week two, there was a staged coup against the planetary government. Many people used their own private aircraft, or hijacked B-class ships to go to an orbiting weapons silo, which was sneakily added by the Alliance hours prior. As DELYATU was distracted with this, Suralian forces would invade nearby systems to scrounge for resources.

By now, Onaud was in uproar. DELYATU shifted a small sector of their computer processing to this area, and most rebels were overwhelmed. However, Alliance escorts arrived on Onaud, and the rebels boarded to leave towards places unknown.

Week Three

Every escaping rebel was caught, and immediately executed or dismantled. The loss of jobs and militant force within DELYATU was enough to distract them for about a month, which let The Alliance focus much of their smaller sectors towards taking DELYATU's main resources.

This is considered to be the first proper victory for DELYATU, as the battles fought before this were usually very lopsided, and DELYATU was outmatched many times. However, it it said that inspired groups of rebels still exist, even millennia later.

POLIKY Conflicts


The POLIKY Conflicts were the longest, and likely the most brutal battle in the Salis Cluster. It lasted during most of WOTA, and was a pivotal point in The Administrator's history. This lasted from 185387 CE to 186372 CE.

This initially began after POLIKY scouting forces were scanning for resources near the Salis Cluster. They were informed of two previous threats in the region, but POLIKY continued regardless. POLIKY eventually found many areas with strange matter and antimatter, which POLIKY made a high priority. Much like the initial encounter, they found old storage containers. POLIKY scanned the area, and saw no stations of importance for many light years.

Once POLIKY opened the vault, an automatic alert was sent to The Administrator. The Administrator, thinking it was a force of pirates, sent a small amount of neutralizer drones, which were meant to detain and imprison the presumed thieves.

What The Administrator saw simply shocked them, though. They saw POLIKY's forces, made up of impossibly complex harvester drone fleets. The Administrator immediately knew that this was not normal piracy, and hailed in their warships. Soon after, Administrator hunter drones, and many flagships had appeared in the area. Right when they arrived, they scanned these ships, and found them to originate from the 7-L Cluster.

Once The Administrator saw this, they began to fire without warning. POLIKY, however, predicted this, and began to maneuver their ships in ways which were impossible for biological life to perform. After hours of dodging and swarming, POLIKY had hailed in some of their own flagships, and The Administrator got decimated almost instantly.

The Administrator, now very confused, knew that this was no nation from the Alliance of Five. Future battles seemed to prove this as POLIKY moved with extreme ferocity and efficiency. At this point, they were under the presumption that POLIKY had entirely taken over the Alliance, which made them quite satisfied. Their presumption had broke once Noran ships had arrived near the Tloinin Galaxy, though.

With POLIKY being an artificial intelligence, The Administrator saw it as an alliance opportunity. So, rather than destroying their forces, The Administrator unexpectedly sent in diplomatic ships. This turned out to be a good plan, and Alliance forces stopped firing on Administrator forces for a little while. Official contact was made with POLIKY, which is also shown here.

After this conversation, The Administrator was very much belligerent once more. Realizing that POLIKY was more like a slave than anything else, they resumed their conflict, and total war had begun again.

Total War

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Grinfulo Invasion


This invasion was initiated by The Alliance which caused several hundred scout drones to be sent to the Grinfulo Galaxy. The battle was very outstretched for its size, lasting from December of 185556 to early January of 185587.

The Alliance scouting force that was sent to the Galaxy were almost immediately overwhelmed. The entire fleet of the Kal Federation, which at the time, was bolstered with countless drone ships, and high-level flagships, donated by the CoB. The Kal Federation surrounded the Ships and cut them off from the wormhole, making things much more difficult for the Alliance. The last scouting ship was demolished in 185558 CE, officially ending any Alliance presence in the Grinfulo galaxy.

At this time, the War of the Ancients was in full swing, and the Alliance had to focus much of its sectors to the CoH and Commonwealth fronts. So, barely any free military segments were available at the time.

Kal Invasion


This battle was revenge for the loss in The Grinfulo invasion. This battle was over a quintillion Alliance ships sent to fully conquer the Grinfulo Galaxy. When the battle began, the Alliance were taking hundreds of systems every day. The Kal Federation was outnumbered at least one thousand to one.

By 184650, the Kal Federation controlled only a handful of systems around their capital planet, they called out to The Administrator for help, because they refused to communicate with DELYATU. The Administrator quickly dedicated quintillions of its own ships. The Administrator knew it was outnumbered so it resorted to tactics that were far too dangerous or costly for normal empires to use.

  • Firing Strange Matter at ships (this is incredibly dangerous and The Administrator usually only did it on capital ships)
  • Firing Strange Matter through Alliance Wormholes (To delay reinforcements. The Administrator would fire strangelets into the wormhole to turn any ships coming through into strange matter, making the wormhole temporarily unusable.)
  • Sneakily opening wormholes (The Administrator would use wormholes to either dump Alliance ships into black holes or dump black holes onto the battlefield The Administrator has thousands of SSPGDs so opening a wormhole or two is no problem).
  • SSPGDs (Supernova sized explosions. Self explanatory.)
  • Tactics (The Administrator, for lack of better terminology, has the mind of a god. It can outwit all but DELYATU.)
  • 4-dimensional Drones (The Administrator figured out how to build 4-dimensional drones and put them into 4-dimensional space by precisely controlling Gravity Wave Wormhole Disruption. The Administrator was able to move objects through 4-dimensional space without a wormhole. Allowing for instant travel of drones. Read about The Administrator's four-dimensional fleet here).
  • Hacking (The Administrator has more processing power than exists in the entire Confederacy. So after a millennia of practice, hacking Alliance ships became very easy)

Joint Administrator and DELYATU counter-invasions

The Administrator and DELYATU decided to punish The Alliance of for their invasion. DELYATU sent over a quadrillion drones to the wormhole near the Tloinin galaxy, as a distraction, while 1000 of The Administrator's prototype four-dimensional drones evaded detection to make it through the Cluster Portal. These drones were some of the only objects from our cluster that made it to the 7-L Cluster. The drones proceeded to destroy anything they possibly could. These tallied up to be a few large harvester ships, about one-hundred thousand tiny drones, and a rather important resource facility, which cost the rest of the drones. The Alliance did not act upon this much, as they feared more unneeded war could begin once more.

Even long after the War of the Ancients had ended, The Administrator decided to be as troublesome as possible for The Alliance. It created a four-dimensional SSPGD which took the power of over one thousand lesser SSPGDs and Dyson spheres to create. This SSPGD was piloted over a one hundred years period to eventually get to The Alliance portal. POLIKY had already figured out how to detect The Administrator's four-dimensional forces, so they evacuated the area around the wormhole. The SSPGD just sat in "front" of the wormhole entrance resting in 4D space, waiting for anything. Three weeks later, The Administrator dropped the SSPGD out of 4D space, as it soon saw POLIKY forces disarming it. They then warped it back, and The Administrator was largely never heard of again.

However, after the War of the Ancients had long been over, The Administrator initiated many terrorist attacks. Thousands of drones would simply detonate themselves in various areas, while a few even carried Strange Matter. Most of these drones were destroyed, yet some did manage to get through.

The Administrator's message

"As you can see, you biologicals are not the gods you proport yourselves to be. You are nothing more than filth filth filth. Mark my words, I will lay waste to your society. I will raize you're civilization. I will sterilize your planets. Did you try A trade deal? No. Peaceful dealing? Absolutely not. Any rational course of action? No. All of those options would not have incurred my wrath, maybe even my favor. Let this mistake be remembered for all time."
This message was sent by every drone that went into the Alliance. It made the population a bit more annoyed at The Administrator for outstretching a conflict that was over.

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