The Tloinin Invasions were a massive series of battles which occurred during The War for All. Most of them took place within the Tloinin Galaxy, and surrounding Supreme and DELYATU bases.

Invasion List


These battles were a series of battles during the War for All in which The Seekers Attempted to invade areas controlled by DELYATU and The Supreme. These battles took place entirely throughout The War for All, and mostly took place in the Tloinin galaxy.

Minor Invasions

These battles were all Seeker assaults on The Supreme and DELYATU.

Initial Invasion of Tloinin


The Initial Invasion of Tloinin was the first encounter that The Supreme had with the Seekers. (Transcript here) The battle happened because of a Seekite fleet taking local Strange Matter Vaults. With The Seekers thinking that it was abandoned, they sent in only 10 harvester ships, and a diplomatic ship that would explain their actions if any other nation's ships came by.

The Supreme noticed the Seeker's ships, and immediately signaled them demanding for them to stop.

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This battle enraged The Seekers and it eventually lead to the First Invasion of Tloinin.

Vlanoan Insurgency


This battle took place around the planet Onaud, the seat of DELYATU. This battle was a small Seekite-funded rebellion against DELYATU, which only lasted for three days. Many protesters eventually defected out of the country to join The Seekers, but the ones who were caught were executed.

Trillions of Civilian Vlanoans took arms against DELYATU because they were promised extreme wealth, and power by The Seekers. The Seekers also told the future rioters that they were told that The DELYATU would have them enslaved.

Day One

The Rebels are organized, and began to violently protest, causing large amounts of damage to many important cities. This was aimed mostly to the cities located on the capital planet, Onaud. Many pilots, workers, and even a high council member decided to defect from DELYATU's force as a result.

Day Two

The Rebels craftily seize weapons from a storage facility orbiting Onaud, allowing for trillions of Vlanoan rebels to become armed, and riot in the streets.

Day Three

Every escaping rebel was caught, and immediately executed or immediately dismantled. The loss of jobs and militant force within the DELYATU was enough to distract them for about a month, which let The Seekers focus their smaller sectors primarily on The Supreme.

Grinfulo Invasion


This invasion was initiated by The Seekers which caused several thousand flagships to be sent to the Grinfulo Galaxy. The battle was very short lasting only from December of 190100 to early January of 190101.

The Seeker's Starships that were sent to the Galaxy were almost immediately overwhelmed by the entire fleet of the Kal Federation, which at the time, was actually quite massive, with over a quadrillion ships. The Kal Federation surrounded the Ships and cut them off from the wormhole, resulting in a quick victory for the Kal Federation as no reinforcements were sent through the accidental wormhole.

This battle resulted in over ten thousand seekers being captured which contributed the most prisoners of any battle in The War for All.

Kal Invasion


This battle was revenge for the loss in The Grinfulo invasion. This battle was over a quintillion Seekite ships sent to fully conquer the Grinfulo Galaxy. When the battle began, the Seekers were taking thousands of systems every day. The Kal Federation was outnumbered one thousand to one.

By 190241 the Kal Federation controlled only a handful of systems around their capital planet, they called out to The Supreme for help, because they refused to communicate with DELYATU. The Supreme quickly dedicated quintillions of its own ships. The Supreme knew it was outnumbered so it resorted to tactics that were far too dangerous or costly for normal empires to use.

  • Firing Strange Matter at ships (this is incredibly dangerous and The Supreme usually only did it on capital ships)
  • Firing Strange Matter through Seekite Wormholes (To delay reinforcements. The Supreme would fire strangelets into the wormhole to turn any ships coming through into strange matter, making the wormhole temporarily unusable.)
  • Sneakily opening wormholes (The Supreme would use wormholes to either dump Seekite ships into black holes or dump black holes onto the battlefield The Supreme has thousands of SSPGDs so opening a wormhole or two is no problem).
  • Spies (The Supreme was able to capture Seekite ships and was clever enough to get the Seekers to think they were real before having them betray the Seekers.)
  • SSPGDs (Supernova sized explosions. Self explanatory.)
  • Tactics (The Supreme, for lack of better terminology, has the mind of a god. It can outwit all but DELYATU.)
  • Gravity Wave Wormhole Disruption (In order to be extra annoying, The Supreme used several Gravity wave generators to destabilize the already unstable Seekite Wormholes temporarily to further delay The Seekers. The Supreme shared this technology with the CoB).
  • 4-dimensional Drones (The Supreme figured out how to build 4-dimensional drones and put them into 4-dimensional space by precisely controlling Gravity Wave Wormhole Disruption. The Supreme was able to move objects through 4-dimensional space without a wormhole. Allowing for instant travel of drones. Read about The Supreme's four-dimensional fleet here).
  • Hacking (The Supreme has more processing power than exists in the entire confederacy. So after a millennia of practice, hacking Seekite ships became very easy)

The rest of the battle was The Supreme slowly retaking and rebuilding every planet that the Seekers took. This was accompanied with great difficulty as the Seekers were constantly reinforcing their positions. Eventually, The Supreme retook every planet and forced the Kal Federation into an eternal alliance and basically made it into a puppet state.

Joint Supreme and DELYATU counter-invasions

After the Tloinin War concluded, The Supreme and DELYATU decided to punish The Seekers for their invasion. DELYATU sent over a quadrillion drones to the wormhole near the Tloinin galaxy, as a distraction, while 1000 of The Supreme's prototype four-dimensional drones evaded detection to make it through the cluster portal. These drones were some of the only objects from our cluster that made it to The Seeker's. The drones proceeded to destroy anything they possibly could. These tallied up to be a few large harvester ships, about one-hundred thousand civilians, and a large admiral ship located near The Core. Eventually, The Supreme lost contact with the drones, this caused them to "fall" out of four-dimensional space making it easy for the seekers to destroy.

The Supreme tried it again, one year later with a similar result, except this time the Supreme gave each drone the intelligence to operate on its own. The drones made travel into The Borealis Cluster using the Tloinin wormhole impossible for 10 years before gravitational waves destabilized them causing them to return to three-dimensional space. After that, they were easily destroyed.

The Supreme decided to be as troublesome as possible for The Seekers. It created a four-dimensional SSPGD which took the power of over one thousand lesser SSPGDs and Dyson swarms to create. This SSPGD was piloted over a one hundred years period to eventually get to The Seekite portal. The Seekers figured out how to detect the Supreme's four-dimensional forces, so they evacuated the area around the wormhole. The SSPGD just sat in Cluster 7-L in "front" of the wormhole entrance resting in 4D space. Three years later, The Supreme dropped the SSPGD out of 4D space and warped it back to The Borealis Cluster, as the war ended at this time.

Clandestine Operations

While the wormhole was still open, The Supreme sent five thousand new four-dimensional drones into the wormhole. Each drone scattered and had enough intelligence to carry out its mission. One thousand of the drones were surveillance drones that gathered intel about the Seekite society. Five hundred of them were meant to cause as much anarchy as possible, either by killing government officials or disabling power sources. Another five hundred of these drones threw bits of strange matter into planets, by far causing the most deaths. The rest of the drone projected this message translated into the Seekite language.

The Supreme's message

"Fools! You worthless scum. How dare you attack me, a god! You have failed to remain in your own cluster and this is your punishment. As you listen to this, many of your planets are now strange matter. Hundreds of your officials are dead. Mark my words, before five millenia pass, your cluster will be reduced to dust. Harvested beyond recognition. The Seekers, Elite Norrans, The Sora, The Araxis, and The Suralis will go extinct. No artifact will remain of your existence. Your cluster will be an example of what happens to species that defy The Supreme. There is no hope."
Every Seeker ended up seeing this message because it was recorded and rebroadcasted by the Seeker's news network. Morale fell drastically.

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