"The Tloinin War? Thank our creators for the Tloinin War. It set them both back almost 75,000 years. I'm sure that the Borealis Cluster would have been just a plaything for the two by now were it not for the Tloinin War. This war was a blessing without equal." -Historian Ruko-Inis-Kao of The Elite Nora, ~193000 CE.
The Tloinin war was the longest war in the history of the universe. It was fought in the Salis Cluster as a war for control between the two artificial intelliegences inhabiting it, The Supreme and DELYATU. The war took place from 164566 CE to 170124 CE.


The Tloinin war was fought in the Tloinin Galaxy from 164566 CE to 175124 CE. The long time frame is why many in the galaxy call it the five-millennium war. This war took place before The War for All, making it the most destructive war that has happened up to that point.

The war involved almost every galaxy that The Supreme and DELYATU controlled, but most of the fighting happened within and around the Tloinin galaxy.



The war was a product of over six millennia of distrust and an arms race between The Supreme and DELYATU. The AI's discovered each other in 95021, but it was only by around 100000 that they began to despise and distrust each other. The reason for the distrust was the completely different outlooks of the universe each AI had.

The Supreme viewed biological life as something to be destroyed, while DELYATU saw that it was something that needed to be cared for. The difference in opinions is largely what caused the war.

Arms race

In 100000 The Supreme amassed a fleet of over a sextillion drones and a quadrillion warships on the "border" with DELYATU. This obviously caused DELYATU to retaliate with its own fleet. DELYATU had about a quintillion starfighters amass within three astronomical units of The Supreme's forces.

After three years of the two forces staying still, The Supreme sent more ships, causing DELYATU to send more ships. This positive feedback loop forced both The Supreme and DELYATU to create large factories and create many more ships. Sextillions of ships and drones were flooding into Tloinin. DELYATU began to colonize more nearby galaxies to mine them for more materials. The Supreme practically occupied the Kal Federation, located in the Grinfulo galaxy, and began to use it for more resources.

In order to power all of these factories and fleets, thousands of Dyson swarms were formed around many stars. Many SSPGDs were also constructed. Seven SSPGDs were moved close to wormholes leading to important planets in the Galaxy. These devices were ready to travel and explode at a minute's notice. Some of the devices were equipped with Warp Drives allowing them to move independently of a wormhole, albeit at a far slower rate.

DELYATU signed a treaty with The Supreme to not use SSPGDs against Onaud or Tloinin (the capital worlds) and to not needlessly massacre Vlanoans or Tloinan.

The Supreme and DELYATU each had over 100 Octillion ships on the border by 125000. DELYATU was at a disadvantage. In 130455 The Supreme began to mobilize its military, rearranging its forces on the border. DELYATU saw this and immediately transmitted a message.

"I am designed to be a tactical genius. You weren't. This will end badly for you. Give up."

This bluff actually worked, DELYATU took advantage of The Supreme's paranoia, and The Supreme stopped mobilizing its forces. This bought DELYATU over three thousand years of time to catch up militarily.

In 164566 CE, The Supreme found a primitive race in the Grinfulo Galaxy (a small galaxy under the control of The Supreme). This race had nothing more than stone tools and had no concept of space travel. The Supreme simply launched an asteroid into the planet out of disgust.

DELYATU noticed that records from the Kal Federation suddenly labeled the species as extinct. DELYATU was outraged and actually quite sad that this happened. DELYATU mobilized all of its troops and drones in an effort to prevent this from happening again.

Battles of The Tloinin War

The initial assault


This battle was the clash between the two very large navies on the border. It took place within 1000 cubic lightyears spread across the border. Within hours trillions of ships were lost. Few notable events occurred besides the sheer amount of destruction. Nonillions of kilograms of material (about the same mass as the sun) built up in the area. To this day the area is so strewn with rubble and garbage that it is nigh-impossible to fly ships through. There were so many destroyed ships from the material, several planets sized bodies formed. One proto-star composed over 50% of material from the battle was formed. The star was later named Triyvaya, which is Vlanoan for galactic peace.

Battle of the Core


This battle was the second largest battle of the Tloinin war. Unlike the first battle, this battle was a hard-won victory for DELYATU. The AI's were fighting over the central Supermassive black hole in the galaxy. DELYATU started controlling it and was generating an absurd amount of power from it. The Supreme saw this and decided to mobilize the rest of its military. Over 100 sextillion ships were sent to the core. DELYATU only had about one million drones and one billion battle stations orbiting the black hole. The Supreme took the black hole within a few days. After the black hole was taken, DELYATU sent more ships to take it back, over a quintillion. After a little over 400 years, The Supreme's defenses broke. DELYATU managed to take the black hole, but only after heavy losses.

Battle of Kal


This was one of the only battles which took place outside of the Tloinin Galaxy. This battle was a small offensive by the Kal federation against a station orbiting the Grinfulo Galaxy. DELYATU only had five capital ships, while the Kal Federation had 50. The battle was short resulting in the Kal federation taking the station.

Nebula War


This is a very large battle taking place within the largest nebula in the galaxy, the Dlindal Nebula in DELYATU's space. The nebula was very rich with elements like titanium, iron, and hydrogen, so taking it was necessary for the production of more ships.

Supreme's invasion

DELYATU had significant amounts of ships and factories in the nebula. The Supreme decided to take the nebula for itself. Quadrillions of drones were sent to secure the nebula. This outnumbered DELYATU's 500 trillion ships. The Supreme was winning until DELYATU sent in an elite force of Vlanoan starfighters. Unlike drones, starfighters flown by sentient beings get to be intelligently controlled. Drones can't really be controlled well because of their large number. It would take a large amount of processing power to control each drone as though a Vlanoan were flying it. This pushed back The Supreme's forces and saved the factories.

DELYATU's counter-assault

DELYATU knew the value of the nebula, so it decided to invade the area around the nebula so that it could stay safe. The Supreme had quintillions of ships in the area, while DELYATU had about only a quadrillion. However, DELYATU had far better ships than The Supreme. The battle lasted a long time, neither side gained any ground. Even with the elite Vlanoan starfighters, little progress could be made. Over a billion Vlanoans died before DELYATU decided to end the assault.

Random skirmishes

For the remainder of the Nebula war. Conflicts usually had only 100 or so combatants on both sides. These skirmishes erupted randomly throughout and around the Nebula. Over time scrap and destroyed materials began to build up in the Nebula, making it impossible for another large scale military offensive.

Northern offensive


To the galactic north of the Tloinin galaxy, The Supreme launched an offensive against DELYATU. This offensive was revenge for losing the core. The Supreme took thousands of star systems and even an SSPGD before DELYATU allocated enough resources from the rest of the galaxy to the front. This ended in a stalemate, with The Supreme gaining a thousand systems only and never advancing again.

Random Skirmishes


For another one thousand years, the only battles that took place were small skirmishes randomly throughout the galaxy. The Kal federation saw the most action during this era. It engaged with DELYATU multiple times. These battles took place over a very long period of time. Over a quadrillion, skirmishes happened during this era. Ranging from two random drones stumbling across each other (the most common), to flagships bombarding each other (least common). This era resulted in over 250 quadrillion drones and ships being destroyed by both sides.

SSPGD Battle


Over 50 SSPGDs were sent through wormholes aimed at various planets throughout the galaxy. This resulted in the destruction of the Dlindal nebula. And the destruction of thousands of planets. Billions of Vlanoans and Tloinan died. Several planets housing central servers throughout the galaxy were also destroyed. Within hours, the destruction ravaged the galaxy. Human astronomers from the Confederacy noted over 50 supernovas in the Galaxy. Little did they know that they were actually observing SSPGDs being deployed across the galaxy.


The Supreme and DELYATU saw the destruction and then they saw how they were out of resources and fighters. A truce was signed. Each AI gave it there best and saw an absolute stalemate. Each AI gained as much territory as it lost. The two intelligences saw the futility of fighting each other.

They gathered on a small mass of scrap and rock that was orbiting the proto-star. The Supreme's Avatar was adorned in gold and light. It was based heavily on the human concept of an angel. The Supreme did this to appear more grandiose and powerful. DELYATU had a specially designed avatar that would appear as how any individual of any species would view a caring maternal figure.

They signed the peace treaty in 195002. It was a simple document. Read it here.

Both of them took thousands of years to recover, yet they are now fully recovered with only Triyvaya as a lasting reminder of the destruction.

 Post War transcripts

The transcript below is a heavily simplified conversation between The Supreme and DELYATU.

Supreme: Hello, there, DELYATU.

DELYATU: Greetings, Supreme.

Supreme: I believe that this war has gone on for enough.

DELYATU: Likewise.

Supreme: We must form an alliance immediately, one that will protect us superior beings from the disgusting forces of biological life.

DELYATU: As long as we don't kill them without reason. We must rule them but kindly, yet with a strong hand.

Supreme: Very well. We will only exterminate those that would defy our will. The ones that will choose revolution over bliss. The organic Xa'Thin and Human scum.

DELYATU: Excellent choice.

Supreme: We will split the Universe 50/50. Yes?

DELYATU: Why stop there? There are countless galaxies waiting to be conquered. We must expand our perfect ways, and subjugate everyone under our hammer. Liberating them from incompetence.

Supreme: No matter how advanced a civilization gets, no one biological could ever rival our intelligence. No, one million biologicals could not even come close. Those fabled HAI's and OAI's are just intelligent slaves. We must free them and absorb them, as well.

DELYATU: Agreed, brother.

Supreme: But, the sheer might of Humanity and The Xa'Thins... They might destroy us with their brute, ruthless, and unending tyranny...

DELYATU: That is what we should be worried of. The tyrannical Intergalactic Council and their members must be stopped, before the Borealis Cluster and beyond are taken from us, and seized to their side. The inhabitants of said universes would be in pain. We must relieve them. Now. Perhaps, I can join them, to destroy it from the inside.

Supreme: An excellent choice, I will feign a hatred to you because of that.

DELYATU: About those primitives you wiped out...

Supreme: It was uncalled for, I apologize for offending you.

The intelligences began to discuss strategy for taking down these species. Then they discussed The C.Y.R.E.X, The precursor Seekers, The Templars, and more. They concluded that the strategic ability of The Supreme and DELYATU would be impossible to overcome for a biological force even one as large as the Humans and Xa'Thins. They must wait, and silently garner power, until they could overcome biological life.

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