Tortuga, most commonly named 'The Great One', Is a religious figure that is reportedly from the beginning of time. Many followers claim that he was one of the first things to exist. Tortuga belongs to a Martian cult near the region of Valles Marineris.

Followers and readers of the Tortuga Scripts claim that Tortuga flies through the cosmos, finding any stipple planet that any of his children can inhabit. These 'children' have been described to be Human, Xa'Thin, and even tortoise, alike himself.

A small subsection of the cult claims that Tortuga has multiple 'cosmic elephants' or fanatical creatures on his back. Cult followers have described them to hold up The Universe on their backs.

The world that Tortuga used to inhabit was called Stharuh. Translating it from their cultist language, it means Giver. Strauh is were the creatures and cosmic tortoises apparently live together in harmony, as they wait for their new world. Cult followers have mourned the death of Tortuga, as he is known to have died from many polluted worlds cracking his great shell. Eventually, it was to much for Tortuga to handle. So, he rammed into Tar-uuuwu-nacc, a world belonging to the Thesokian people. Many Martian cultists visit there daily to give tribute and respect to the once great Tortuga.

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