The Trans-Galactic Empire of Rexlor (Often shortened to the T-GER) is a member-nation of the Confederacy of Borealis, Led currently by Leader Nevan Peral. The T-GER is one of the most military-focused nations in the CoB, which mimics its long history of its military focus. It joined the CoB in the 22500s, after a Rexlorian Leader sought after technological greatness for all Rexlorians.


Only millennia after their planetary expansion, the Rexlorian people discovered automation and mass labor, making things skyrocket ever higher. Mass pollution and a permanent change to the ecosystem came rapidly, and almost no natural life was left after the waters became too acidic for basic consumption. This did not deter the Rexlorians, who quickly became spacefaring only centuries later. Only a little while after that, all raw materials on the four asteroid moons orbiting Rexlor became husks, later reformed into asteroid habitats. Planetary colonization was also very easy, as a result of their close proximities. Hydrogen and helium extraction on the nearby ice giants, as well as wind farms proved to be a supreme form of energy extraction, and the framework of a Dyson Swarm was constructed. More and more solar voltaic panels were constructed every Rexlorian year, giving rise to almost infinite energy. At this point, the once rivaling nation-states on the surface of Rexlor had come together to try to project their force across countless star systems.

Once FTL travel was devised, what followed was similar to the prehistoric Rexlor. Countless colonists and military ships went surveying, mining many planets in quick succession. Stable colonies were also set up, with not a care if it had a toxic atmosphere or high gravity for example. Countless asteroids in the asteroid belt were exploited for mining, and most if not all were reduced to once-rich hollow objects. The Rexlorian asteroid belt also fueled their mighty armadas, all the way until the War of the Decamillennial Transition.

Rising Conflict

As the Rexlorians from Rexlor poured out into the Whirlpool Galaxy, they killed any lifeforms in sight. Any civilizations more powerful than them would be outmatched in only centuries, soon absorbed unwillingly into Rexlorian space. Soon enough, the Rexlorians wanted more. They kept expanding for millennia, claiming the entirety of the Whirlpool Galaxy at 15000 CE. What followed was a series of events, leading into the War of the Decamillennial Transition.

By the time of the 18000s, the Rexlorians became increasingly angry at the Confederate colonies in their galactic claims. This eventually turned into raids, and then full-scale wars during the War of the Deca. The Rexlorians, alongside the rest of the League for Independent Interstellar Governments, attempted to defeat the Confederacy of Borealis, and the enemy Alliance for Intergalactic Restoration. The Rexlorians were very successful, causing the CoB to drop out of the war for 3 decades. Soon after, the CoB built their forces, and fended off the Rexlorians for the rest of the war. This came at a huge cost, however, and the CoB had lost much of its space after the war.

CoB Joining and Modern-Day

During the time of CoB regrowth in the 22000s, the Trans-Galactic Empire of Rexlor slowly became more and more irrelevant. CoB ties with the CUEN had grown hugely, and the CoB had gained a large sum of technology from them. Soon after their full recovery, the CoB expanded outward, soon claiming parts of the Whirlpool Galaxy once again. The Rexlorians, knowing full well that the CoB was much stronger, had no choice but to accept. Not too long after that, in the 22500s, the Rexlorians joined the CoB. This was because the then leader, Colchor Mipol, aspired for technological greatness across all of the Whirlpool Galaxy and beyond. The CoB graciously accepted them, and granted them a large amount of space around the Whirlpool Galaxy.

Not much has happened since then, other than the War of the Ancients causing the Rexlorians to be very frightened for their empire. This caused them to build up many mighty fleets, some of the strongest in the area. As soon as it ended, the Rexlorians kept their fleets just in case, and they are now some of the most powerful military sections in the CoB.

Today, the Trans-Galactic Empire of Rexlor has has a presence in 165 galaxies, claiming many areas in them. Such an age of prosperity has not been seen in its history, and many Rexlorians have called this the 'Second Golden Age' for their empire.


The Military of the Trans-Galactic Empire of Rexlor is divided into the following groups:

  • The Imperial Navy
  • The Imperial Army
  • The Imperial Marines

Description of all forces below:

Rexlorian Imperial Fleet

The Imperial Fleet, commonly known as the Imperial Armada, is comprised of countless large-scale ships, and even more of drones used for drone warfare. The numbers of these ships have stayed stagnant after the War of the Ancients, but it is still some of the strongest fleets in the CoB.

Rexlorian Imperial Army

The Imperial Army, known as the Grand Army of Rexlor, is comprised of cloned soldiers, synthetics, and once by many brave volunteers, as well as a group of artillery corps. While mostly synthetics and clones, the army is led by many Rexlorian Generals.

Rexlorian Imperial Marines

The Imperial Marines were for the most part a subdivision of the Imperial Army, but comprised mostly of Cloned Soldiers. This group is more highly trained than the rest of the Military, with a requirement that they be able to survive without food or water for many days, being able to survive in any place from the heat of a desert world to the extreme cold of a frozen ice world. However, this was considered to be obsolete at the day of its creation as a result of genetic editing being already widespread, and with all modern pieces of worn battle equipment containing many heating and cooling systems, as well as sustenance injectors. As a result, this was more or less a symbol for the Rexlorians, and a show of force that did not help out in the end. This was disbanded after the T-GER joined the CoB in the 22500s.

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