The Trans-Galactic Empire of Rexlor is a vast Empire situated in the Whirlpool Galaxy with colonies in Andromeda,

the Milky Way, Triangulum, and NGC 5195 galaxies, among others. Led by Emperor Nevan Rexlor for a thousand years (much longer than most due to being mostly immortal due to transferring his conscience into a new host), the Rexlorian Empire had entered a golden age, fully conquering the NGC 5195 galaxy. However, he was assassinated and his spirit destroyed before given the chance to take on a new host, leading his son, Lord Korna Rexlor to take the throne. It is currently unknown if his son was directly involved in the assassination, however, we do know that he was referred to as the Dark Lord of Rexlor. Under his reign, many species were enslaved and many others wiped out. This reign would last for close to 900 years as he had learned what his father was capable of of, immortality. However, as with all tyrants, he was murdered. His son, Qelan Rexlor would rise to the throne and begin the invasion of the Milky Way, but would die after reaching an age higher than most Rexlorians, at the ripe old age of 503 due to cybernetic enhancement. His son would see the end of the war, and offered a generous peace offer in which only three star systems would be granted to the Rexlorians in exchange for an alliance.

History (Brief due to already having it in the page on other pages)

The Trans-Galactic Empire of Rexlor was formed many billions of years ago on the planet Rexlor. The Planet soon would become the seat of a Great Empire that spanned most of the Whirlpool Galaxy. Sure, it took a while to take over the Whirlpool Galaxy, but for most of the history of the Rexlorian Empire, all races were treated equally. However, during the Reign of the Dark Lord Korna Rexlor, all Races excluding the Rexlorians were treated as Slaves or lesser beings. Many worlds were stripped of their resources to build the Imperial Armada, which would be used to invade the Confederacy of Humanity. Finally, in 8671 CE, the Imperial Armada was finished. It was time for War. The War began in 8701, with a raid on the world "Isan". For nearly 500 years, the war went on, with even Earth not being safe from the war. Eventually, the war ended with a truce, in which a few worlds would be given to the Rexlorians, and the Humans and Rexlorians would have an Alliance. This alliance continues to this very day, with leaders of both nations considering the alliance permanent.


The Military of the Trans-Galactic Empire of Rexlor is divided into the following groups:

  • The Imperial Navy
  • The Imperial Army
  • The Imperial Marines
  • The Imperial Colonial Army

Description of all forces below:

The Imperial Fleet

The Imperial Fleet, more commonly known as the Imperial Armada, is comprised of 100 Dreadnoughts, 500 Battleships, 700 Battlecruisers, 3,000 destroyers, 50 carriers, 3000000 fighters, 1,000,000 bombers, 2,000,000 interceptors, and 5,000,000 troop transports. Most of these numbers are the survivors of both the Rexlorian-Confederacy War, as well as the First Inter-Galactic War.

The Imperial Army

The Imperial Army, also known as the Grand Army of Rexlor, is comprised of Cloned Soldiers, Synthetics, and Volunteers, as well as a group of artillery corps. While mostly Synthetics and Clones, the army is led by Rexlorian Generals.

The Imperial Marines

The Imperial Marines are for the most part a subdivision of the Imperial Army, but comprised mostly of Cloned Soliders. This group is more highly trained than the rest of the Military, with a requirement that they be able to survive without food or water for many days, being able to survive in any place from the heat of a desert world to the extreme cold of a frozen ice world.

The Imperial Colonial Army

The Imperial Colonial Army is used specifically for defense in the time of an emergency in the Empire. It is completely comprised of volunteers, and acts as an army reserve.



Flag of Pre-Dark Lord Era Rexlor


Flag of Dark Lord Era and Post-Dark Lord Era Rexlor

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