The Trarrofs are a species of sentient winged creatures, in some manners similar to ancient Earth's Pterodactyls, who are the native inhabitants of the Pahexus System, particularly the gas giant planet Cöntqa. Their civilization is an early type I according to the Kardashev Scale, but they operate under the protection of the Confederacy of Humanity and are represented indirectly in The Intergalactic Confederacy.

They utilize their massive wings to gain lift when flying in their native habitats just underneath the cloud tops of Cöntqa, but the thin skin membranes are folded back when they are, say, on Eonxe.


The Traroffs evolved around 2 million years ago, and became the dominant species on their home planet. Little political system developed among the populace, with tribes and clans based on bloodline being the largest "organizations" for thousands of years. Even so, technology gradually progressed and they developed methods in order to refine whatever materials they could obtain in order to achieve higher altitude flights.

Arrival of pirates into Pahexus altered their history. In order to construct a base, the pirates handed basic rocketry technology and materials to the Traroffs in exchange for their moon and labor. Soon enough, the base was constructed and a number of the Traroffs moved to work on Eonxe. Nevertheless, the pirates actively prevented them from actually leaving the system (and in most cases, the vicinity of Cöntqa). The Traroffs still managed to crudely colonize their other large moon, Tybi. They had insufficient technology to actually make large-scale rockets, however, and their expansion stalled into a halt as many of the Trarrofs decided to seek fortunes on Eonxe instead.

Slowly, a sense of unity grew and the Independent League of Trarrofs was formed in the 52nd century, with its stated goal to retake Pahexus for the Trarrofs. After some low-effect sabotage, they managed to contact the Confederacy of Humanity and the latter raided Eonxe, handing authority (along with the abandoned mining and manufacturing plants) back to the locals. With the industrial base and a new organization, the Trarrofs slowly entrenched themselves outside their home system and expanded into the other bodies in the system, constructing outposts and mining stations which gradually grew into major cities.

As of 10,000, they have learned the basics of interstellar travel and have established three out-of-system colonies in nearby systems. Aside from that, they have also colonized most major bodies in their own system, with a total population estimated at 1.4 billion (75% of which still live in Cöntqa's atmosphere).

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