Tremarble is a cold uninhabited Neptune-like gas giant orbiting the Singinwish star that is located in Dynamire galaxy. It's name is combination of words "Tremendous" and "Marble". The tremendous part might be overexaggerated. It's coordinates are:

"RS 0-7-1159763-1288-283-6-114287-2848 7".

Tremable has no solid surfaces but it does have a rough floating composition as well as quite powerful gravitational pull. Some are speculating that instead of it's rings being formed genuinely out of outer objects, some of the inner rings are actually result of the giant's surface breaking apart. Reports say that Tremarble also seem to have some rough inner weather (even if it's gasscapes seem peaceful and it is also super poisonous (that is, exceeding the level of typical planets that are more poisonous than Earth such as Venus).

Known moons

Desalpine (A cool ice world)

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