Treya (Also referred to as RS 1229-21-8-4176895-1319 to SCART 0.990) is a mid to high class red dwarf located within the reaches of M 82. The M 82 Starburst fills up the skies of the worlds orbiting Treya, and the many other galaxies within M 82's group can be seen.

Treya has 9 planets orbiting it, a majority (5) being gas giants. The rest are Earth-sized worlds, the most notable of them being Krom. Krom is a very Earth-Like world, with its own fauna and flora.


Planet Orbital Period Type Notable Features
Swarge 2.8 Days Gas Giant It is very close to Treya, yet is quite cool.
Krom 9.6 Days Terra It contains life, located on the land and sea.
Tekta 18.7 Days Gas Giant Tekta has a beautiful blue band of gas.
Kralim 57.7 Days Ice World Kralim has an atmosphere, uncommon in ice worlds.
Swora 136.9 Days Gas Giant Swora has beautiful rings.
Frakra 1.5 Years Ice World Frakra has 2 major moons.
Blanus 3.6 Years Gas Giant Blanus has 3 major moons, and rings.
Yerock 14.7 Years Ice World Yerock has 7 major moons!
Turnia 19.7 Years Gas Giant Turnia's moons have geysers.
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