Triangulum (also known as Messier 33M33 and NGC 598) is a satellite galaxy of the grander Andromeda galaxy. it is the third largest galaxy in the Local Group galactic neighborhood.

Located approximately 2.7 million light years from Earth, it is a spiral galaxy with a classification of an Sc galaxy, indicating spiral systems.

From Earth, it is found in the constellation Triangulum, hence the name the Triangulum galaxy.

Alien Homeworlds

Like every galaxy in the known Universe, it is home to many alien planets.

Glitter Territories

The entire galaxy was ruled by one of humanity's allies, the races of the Glitter Territories, primarily the Uathyn and Katoxyn. The Glitter Territories have since joined and became members of the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations

During the infamous Split of the Confederacy, the major worlds of Triangulum mostly stayed out of the conflict, mostly because they saw this as a mostly human matter. They still remained loyal and sent medical relief, but out of principal refused to get involved by giving either side weaponry. After the split, they still remained loyal to the Confederacy.

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