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Trierra (RS 1229-340-7-1649040-389 in release candidate 2) is a temperate E-Class world in the Triangulum Galaxy and the center of all Confederate and human commerce in that galaxy. In fact, one could say it is the Triangulum's version of the human homeworld.


With a diameter of 10713.8 km, the gravitational index of the planet is nearly Earth norm at 0.9 ATM. It has a day length of approximately 17hr24min and a year length of 290 standard days due to its semimajor axis of 0.8 AU. It has nine moons, one of which is Triuna, a temperate S-Class moon. It is 9.6 billion years old.

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When discovered in 10033, the planet already had a diverse ecosystem in place, but a thick band of CO2 in the upper atmosphere prevented colonization. It had 58.8% CO2, 41% O2, 0.14% SO2 and a few trace elements. The atmospheric pressure was a crushing 15 ATM. However, once terraforming of the planet was deemed possible without much harm to the native environment, extensive atmospheric scrubbing began. The CO2 and O2 levels dropped severely and many asteroids containing nitrogen were skimmed across the atmosphere. Within nine years the planet had an atmosphere that humans could live in and colonization began,

The climate is a very mild one because of the slight tilt of 4°39'. It has a standard temperature of 13.4 °C.

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Humans first settled the planet in 10042, making it the first planet settled by humans in the Triangulum after the Glitter Territories joined the Confederacy. It was quickly established that this was going to be the human homeworld and center of Confederacy commerce and government in the galaxy. The colonists created Nuyirk on a small island in the middle of a massive impact crater in the north. Other settlements further south became more populated, but Nuyirk, being the first settled city, quickly became the center of government not only on the planet but the galaxy.

The planet's population is 61.4 billion humans and 1.2 billion Uathyn.


The planet is host to a diverse group of lifeforms, most being massive winged reptiles that look like ancient terrestrial flying dinosaurs. Most species on the planet are reptilian although a few mammalian analogues exist. The most intelligent species on the planet is actually one single colony of insects that resemble bees. A hive mind, these creatures were called the Bee Collective. They were unfortunately discovered hundreds of years after humans first colonized the world.

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They life in a large lava cave system under an extinct volcano on the southernmost continent. They seem to have a complex form of telepathy through which they communicate. They seem to have the collective intelligence that apes have on Earth and are extremely friendly to humans.

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