Tyrias is the second planet from the binary stars of the Cirand-Hursel system. It is administered by Zaramor (that is, the Zaramorian Domain), and is a prosperous mining colony. Clouds constantly cover the planet and it is the least populated in the system. Tyrias' only sentient population are the humans who colonized the planet in 8003 CE.

Physical Characteristics

  • Mass: 8.8395 x 10^24 kg
  • Diameter: 15877.78 km
  • Solar Day: 15 hr 38 min
  • Temperature: -149.11°C
  • Moons: 2; Dodomos and Fyrion
  • Rings: ~3


Tyrias had no living organisms on it before the advent of human settlers. In 8003 CE, the first humans from Zaramor arrived with a mission to establish more lucrative mining colonies than those on the home planet.

Population growth soon blossomed after the establishment of air-control systems, hospitals, and schools. There are five major cities scattered across the planet which grew from small villages.

The plan to colonize Tyrias started back in 7994 CE. The Layman & Sons Mining Company of Zaramor wished to take a fleet of business-owned starships to build a mining establishment in hopes of being free from any regulations set forth by the government. However, word got out to the legislature of Zaramor, and a hearing was held to see whether or not the project should go through. It was ruled in the Tyrias Colonization Committee (7997-8000 CE) that Tyrias would become a colony, albeit it would be controlled by Zaramor (and thus becoming a part of the Zaramorian Domain). The mining company and the government worked out a plan that 8003 CE would be the year to send colonists to Tyrias. An original 36,000 people made the trip and about 34,000 survived due to chronic failures with the atmosphere-control technology. Life on the planet was quite peaceful, except for one incident.

In 8042 CE, Scott Langshorne III and a group of miners attempted to raze a city of about 79,000 people to the ground. The conflict was called Langshorne's Rebellion, and the cause according to the belligerents was that miners on Tyrias were not being cared for adequately. It turned out that the charges brought against the colonial government were false, as when the uprising was suppressed, each participant was psychologically evaluated. The results of the examination showed vitamin deficiency caused by the planet's constant cloud cover. This led to depression, stress, and anxiety in the patients and the problem was solved when a medical ship from Zaramor arrived carrying arm patches that contained the much-needed vitamins. Afterwards, the general happiness and health of the populace increased dramatically.

Not much has happened on Tyrias in recent years.


Tyrias is a part of the United System Council per the rules of the Zaramorian Domain Charter, but first and foremost reports to the government on Zaramor. The colonial government is made up of a planet governor (like the executive), and a colonial legislature. The highest court on Tyrias is made up of seven judges appointed at different times by the colonial governors.

The colonial governors themselves are appointed by the sitting president on Zaramor, and are often switched out with every new presidential election year. Some colonial governors have sat in their places of power for 24 years, as was the case with Governor Markus V. Copal (107008-107024 CE).

The colonial Congress is made up of 200 Senators, and 450 Common Representatives.

Bills made in the Congress go to the Governor's desk to be either signed or vetoed. However, each ruling by any branch of government is subject to scrutiny by the United System Council.

The Tyrias Colonial Court checks laws and use of power based off of the Colonial Charter.


The industry of mining is the lifeblood of Tyrias. It produces over $350 trillion annually, with most of the metals going to Qesboth, Mallnbra, and Cerel to construct the levitating cities and to build the many ships produced.

Precious stones, such as diamonds and rubies (predominantly) have been shipped to many planets throughout the Zaramorian Domain.


Tyrias surface2
Tyrias surface
Tyrias surface3
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