Homeworld of the Late Type III (soon to be Early Type IV) civilization the Uathyn and one of the capital planets of their galactic government, the Glitter Territories. It is located in Triangulum near the galactic core.


Uathyn is a cool O-Class world and is the fifth world from its sun (RS 1190-118-7-1786021-563 in 9.7.3.). It has a diameter of 30221.2 km giving it a high gravitational pull of 1.6 G. It has a semimajor axis of 2.1 AU and a year length of 3.1 years. Its rotational period is 3.5 days. It has one moon, a smaller temperate O-Class world named Yewin.

Along with the system, the planet is 10.7 billion years old.


With an axial tilt of 54°26’ and a crushing atmospheric pressure of 108.3 ATM, the seasons on the planet are incredibly harsh by terrestrial standards. Violent storms ravage the surface water constantly. The planet’s mean average temperature on the surface is -30.9 °C.

Below the surface, however, it is much different. While only the hardiest of lifeforms can live close to the surface, as one gets deeper into the vast planetary ocean, more exotic lifeforms can be seen, most being bioluminescent.


The planet was formed 10.7 billion years ago in a style common of most planets. Constant bombardment from ice comets and asteroids gave it the massive ocean it now has today.

The first microorganisms formed around 500 million years ago in the form of small bacteria. Some Uathyn believe the first lifeforms came from a falling asteroid or some ancient alien seeding as their explosion coincided with that of Ifindris.

The first sentient life to form on the planet was the Uathyn some 240,000 years ago. Most of them kept to the ocean floor, eventually building buildings out of the mud and rocks. They adapted very quickly to their ocean environment, evolving bioluminescence early on.

As their technology increased, their curiosity of the surface increased as well. Many traveled up, seeing some form of light they couldn’t ascribe to any known creature. The first expeditions that were meant to reach the surface never returned, and the Uathyn put off the exploration of the surface for millennia, content to develop nearer the sea bed.

The next attempt took place around the year 2000 CE. Only one returned, nearly mad and describing a vast emptiness and unnatural noise. He also mentioned that he was unable to breath as there was no water where he had been. Another expedition took place, only this time in a primitive reverse submarine. This expedition returned with portraits of the sky and clouds.

With this, the expeditions to the surface increased. The Uathyn grew in knowledge about how the rest of the universe worked.

In 3912 they began building floating platforms to launch their own spacecraft into orbit. They launched dozens of missions into lower orbit and even began building a space station. In 4029 they set their sights to their moon and landed an expedition below the surface, where they discovered that conditions were ripe for the settlement of their neighboring world. As Uathyn was becoming crowded, many lined up to travel offworld.

It was during this time that the Katoxyn nappeared. The Katoxyn lived on the fourth world of the system and had developed their own form of space travel a few hundred years earlier. They offered their assistance to the Uathyn who readily accepted. Many millions moved offworld.

With this newfound alliance, the two unlikely allies formed an interplanetary government called the Glitter Territories.


The planetary culture is reminiscent of what Communism was meant to be on Earth, but much more successful. The leaders of the planet are elected by popular vote and stay in office for only two of their years. Currently the population is at 112.8 billion.


Aside from the Uathyn there are a variety of unique lifeforms that exist below the surface, but the most unique forms of life exist above the waters. Called the Vien by the Uathyn, these creatures resemble massive water skimmers, but with a thin membrane that they can inflate and use like a sail. They utilize the winds of the planet to move from place to place, absorbing their nutrients from the rains and sun. There is much debate among Uathyn and human scientists as to whether the Vien are plant, animal or some strange mixture of both.

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