The native species of the planet of the same name.


The Uathyn’s upper torso resembles, of all things, waterbound antelopes but instead of a nose they have large gills on either sides of their chest. Below the waist area exist massive fins that are used for propelling them through the thick water. Their skin is semi-transluscent and can glow in the dark depths of their homeworld. They have two arms that have four thin webbed appendages.

The Uathyn are incredibly curious and eager to learn about anything different.


The first proto-Uathyn appeared some 240,000 years ago. While at first they adopted the equivalent of an underground hunter-gatherer type society, they soon began to experiment with something akin to agriculture. With this, many small underground cities and kingdoms were built.

Thousands of years passed. The kingdoms were constantly at war with one another, driving the Uathyn to near extinction. Some 20,000 years ago, each kingdom came together and decided to dissolve, allowing the known planet to become unified. This allowed for the development of technologies incredibly fast after initial mistrust was resolved.

As their technology increased, their curiosity of what was above them increased as well. Many traveled up, seeing some form of light they couldn’t ascribe to any known creature. The first expeditions that were meant to reach the surface never returned, and the Uathyn put off the exploration of the surface for millennia, content to develop nearer the sea bed until technology was improved.

The next attempt to travel to the surface took place around the year 2000 CE. Only one returned, nearly mad and describing a vast emptiness and unnatural noise. He also mentioned that he was unable to breath as there was no water where he had been. Another expedition took place, only this time in a primitive reverse submarine. This expedition returned with portraits of the sky and clouds.

With this, the expeditions to the surface increased. The Uathyn grew in knowledge about how the rest of the universe worked.

In 3912 they began building floating platforms to launch their own spacecraft into orbit. They launched dozens of missions into lower orbit and even began building a space station.

In the year 4029 CE the first world they landed on was their moon Yewin. They discovered that the oceans were free of life and perfect for terraforming. With the arrival of the massive Katoxyn starships, the colony on the moon was quickly formed. It was developed quickly and the discovery of massive ore mines on the moon quickly made it popular for mining materials for starships. With this newfound alliance, the two unlikely allies formed an interplanetary government called the Glitter Territories.

With their discovery of Warp Drive around 4100, more ships were built and they began exploring nearby star systems. With the ever advancing technology, they found new worlds to settle and expanded their powerbase.

What surprised them was when they found their first E-Class world with primitive sentient life on it. They were startled by how differently the sentient species lived. A base was established and they studied the land dwellers with curiosity.

As they spread across their galaxy, they discovered not only other worlds like the E-Class, but other species similar to their own. They also discovered the 1.2 billion year old remains of what once was a vast intergalactic civilization. When they studied them, the Uathyn discovered they came from an E-Class world at the edge of the galaxy. They discovered remains of another much younger civilization and tracked them to their homeworld, where they discovered that they had regressed to a more primitive time.

Learning from them, the Uathyn spread across their galaxy, coming into contact with many fledging interplanetary civilizations and generously helping them onto the galactic stage. By the year 9000, the Uathyn along with the Katoxyn controlled nearly the entire galaxy. The Uathyn continuously searched for hidden land dwelling galactic civilizations to speak to and learn from.

Nearly a millennium passed before many scout ships reported unusual starships entering Glitter Space and vanishing in a manner unknown to modern science. These turned out to be advanced Confederacy scouts who made official first contact on July 5, 9960. A treaty was quickly established a year later and to cement the peace between both galactic civilizations, one of the moons of Ifindris was terraformed and settled by humans and Uathyn. It was named Serenity. Seeing the difference in how the Confederacy ran their government was no deterrent for the Uathyn and Katoxyn to apply for membership into the Confederacy. It is currently still being debated.


With no land masses separating them on their worlds, the Uathyn are a true Communist civilization, working together for the good of the many. This has translated to the galactic stage.

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