Ubeleth (RS 5607-2950-8-4276398-198 4 in 0.980) is the warm E-class homeworld of the Oneru, located in the NGC 4725 galaxy and is the capital of the Cooperative Triple Alliance.

Physical Overview

The planet has a mass of 0.64693 M⊕ and a gravitational pull of 1.1279 G. It also has a relatively short year, taking only 31 days to orbit its white dwarf sun and takes 21 Earth days to rotate.

Ubeleth has more land than oceans, however the oceans are more plentiful in life than the land since most of the surface is deserts with large grasslands strewn between.


Ubeleth is fairly warm, having a usual temperature of 29 °C an with an axial tilt of 0°41, there aren't any other seasons, instead remaining warm most of the time. The weather is calm and predictable, with dust storms sometimes occurring in the deserts from time to time due to wind.


Ubeleth is home to the crab-like Oneru, the founders of the Cooperative Triple Alliance. The planet is ruled by a single emperor, residing in the capital city. The population cinsists of 3.4 billion Oneru, 2.3 billion Krins and 1.3 billion Chukulakans.

No individual countries exist since the planet and its inhabitants are all part of the Cooperative Triple Alliance, plus the Oneru are quite stubborn when it comes to sticking with tradition.


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