Inhabitants of Bircerl.

Physical Description

A four tentacle octopus-like creature, these beings have lived and hunted in their oceans for many thousands of years. Their tentacles, instead of suckers, have small but deadly spikes that they use to kill and dismember their prey. Their tentacles are connected to a large spherical center. They have eight eyes, two on each hemisphere of their bodies, so that no predator can sneak up behind them.

Their mouth, like terrestrial octopi, is at the bottom of their bodies and is filled with two large rows of teeth. They also use their mouth and their tentacles to communicate with others of their kind. They have a lifespan of around 30 to 50 years.


The Udrann are currently at a hunter-gatherer stage and are just now beginning to learn how to make primitive weapons out of the bones of their former prey. They’ve managed to make spear and sword analogues. There are a few “tribes” set up in large areas of a kelp and seaweed analogue. The males mostly do the hunting and the women protect the tribe from enemy attacks.

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