The Ugnara are a mid type two species of bipedal humanoid mammalian organisms native to planet Urgutu in the Ambrosia Galaxy. They are the only inhabitants of Urgutu that are not insects


The Ugnara, before becoming the first species to join the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, was a mid type two civilization that controlled around twenty star systems within the Mid Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy.

They lived in almost total isolation from any other Ambrosian species until the True Alliance of Man colonized the Dilacerant System. Because the Ugnara Kingdom was looking to colonize the star system themselves, this was seen as a slight against them. Thus on 10458 CE the Ugnara destroyed the True Alliance's settlements in the system.

Shortly after attacking the True Alliance, they also would attack the Human Alliance of Ambrosia controlled star system, the Clamoris System for much the same reason.

After this event, the two groups would join together and war with the Ugnara. This war was known as the Ugnara Wars, a conflict that would last around seven standard years, ending in the Ugnara's defeat and joining of the Human Alliance.

Their physical appearance, average lifespan, and history are remarkable like that of Humans. Because of this the Ugnara have been able to coexist with Humans very easily.


The Ugnara resemble a mix of the modern human, and the ancient Earth species the triceratops.

They have four limbs like most humanoid species, two legs and two arms. On their hands and feet they have five digits, also like a human. On their fingers and toes they have sharp claws to stick to the ground and to use as an offensive weapon.

Their forehead is a flat disc like object with grooves embedded within it depending on the individuals age, while the back of their head resembles a Human head. They hold a humanoid face with two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a human like mouth. On top of their head they have two horns protruding vertically from what can be considered their forehead. And on their cheeks they have two horns protruding horizontally. The Ugnara's horns size depends on the sex of its bearer. Males typically have a horn size of around eight meters long, and three meters tall. While female horns are around four meters long, and two meters tall. These horns were developed to be used as a defense mechanism against rival Ugnara.

Their skin is very leathery and tough in texture. It evolved this way to protect the Ugnara against the harsh temperature and weather of their home world. It's color tone depends on that of the individual's parents. Other then rare mutations, their skin tone can be either orange, brown, or tan. Their eye color ranges from these colors as well. Those born with mutations are considered highly romantically desirable by those who do not have them.

Male and female Ugnara are very similar without many physical differences, other then their horn size, facial features, and genitalia. Usually they have the same height, weight, and muscle mass. Usually a male Ugnara will appear like a masculine human, and a female Ugnara will resemble that of a feminine one.

Their romantic and sexual relationships are identical to that of a human's. Though humans are sexually compatible with Ugnara, they are unable to crossbreed with them. Because of this, humans and Ugnara enter into relationships with each other quite often. They also reproduce identically, usually taking around nine standard months to give birth.

Their diet exclusively includes those of the Insecta family, this is because only insects inhabit Urgutu, other then the Ugnara of course. Because of this, Ugnara living on other bodies need to import food from Urgutu in order to survive. Unlike humans, the Ugnara do not need water to survive. Instead, they subsist on the blood of insects they consume.

Basic Timeline

18,000 BCE: The Ugnara fully evolve.

17,800 BCE: The Ugnara discover fire and becoming an Early Embryonic Civilization

17,530 BCE: The Ugnara develop language.

17,450 BCE: The Ugnara first create tools.

16,900 BCE: The Ugnara first create structures.

16,535 BCE: The Ugnara first create art.

16,000 BCE: The Ugnara start to create religion.

15,230 BCE: The Ugnara develop complex structures such as houses and temples.

15,010 BCE: The Ugnara develop animal husbandry.

14,900 BCE: The Ugnara develop farming.

14,200 BCE: The Ugnara develop clothing.

13,730 BCE: The Ugnara begin to coexist within small villages instead of living in isolation, becoming a Mid Embryonic Civilization

13,103 BCE: The Ugnara begin to develop societal structure.

12,600 BCE: The Ugnara population goes from 150 million to 300 million

12,107 BCE: The Ugnara discover copper and tin becoming a Late Embryonic Civilization.

11,570 BCE: By this time most Ugnara exist within a centralized culture.

10,710 BCE: The Ugnara discover bronze.

10,400 BCE: The first conflict of the Ugnara that can be considered a war is waged.

10,391 BCE: The first conflict of the Ugnara that can be considered a war ends.

10,180 BCE: The first Ugnara city, Celvokwe, begins construction.

10,006 BCE: Cevlokwe is constructed.

9,800 BCE: Several more Ugnara cities start to appear.

9,315 BCE: Early astronomy is practiced.

9,240 BCE: The Ugnara name the planets, Roaur, Ruaor, Ertaka, Vurraalaw, and Purraalaw.

9,000 BCE: All of the Ugnara fully leave their hunter gather past and begin to develop complex society.

8,120 BCE: The Ugnara's Uniting war is waged.

8,000 BCE: The Ugnara's Uniting war ends, the first Ugnara Kingdom is formed.

7,230 BCE: The Ugnara discover Iron.

7,206 BCE: The First Ugnara Civil War is waged

7,194 BCE: The First Ugnara Civil War ends.

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