Umbra (Sometimes nicknamed the "Mars of IC 1101" due to its resemblance to the terraformed world) is a temperate E-Class world and Humanity's first colony planet in IC 1101.


Umbra formed from its stars stellar disc around 9 billion years ago, making it incredibly ancient compared to Earth. Its S-Class moon Runale was another planetoid that was captured by Umbra's gravitational field. The planet captured gasses from the surrounding space and created a thick atmosphere.


IC 1101 from the surface with a volcano in the foreground.

Around 4 billion years ago, a large asteroid collided with one of Umbra's now long destroyed smaller moons, creating a large ring system and raining down debris to the surface. Most landed on the equatorial landmass, but a few landed in the ocean, where materials from the asteroid began to form the first semblance of unicellular life.

As the planet continued to cool, the first plant life appeared on the planet. It spread from the oceans onto the planet's mass

ive supercontinent. Eventually about 2.1 billion years ago the planet's land masses were green with life. Animal life had since evolved from the oceans and had spread across the planet's surface.

Umbra and Black Hole

Umbra and its moon from the view of an approaching transport vessel.

The planet was discovered in 132145 CE by accident. A miscalculation in the warp jump calculations caused the ship to appear directly above the planer's atmosphere where the ship crashed into the equatorial region near a small landlocked sea. Their FTL communications were able to send a distress signal, and within weeks a rescue ship arrived to rescue the 56 survivors.


Map of Umbra

Ten years later a colony mission arrived and began to scrub the excess CO2 out of the atmosphere, making it breathable for humans. When that was complete a colony was established near the crash site and a city emerged. From there colonists began pouring in and establishing new colony towns all over the planet.

Today the planet has over 16 billion human inhabitants and is the center of trade and negotiation with the native inhabitants of the galaxy.

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