Permaspades are a taxonomical union of unique algae-like beings as well as the planet's fungi. The unicellular ancestors forming this taxon used to be very common in their heyday, possibly making up part of a significant producer niche in the common microorganism foodchain. Now only their descendants remain. Weirdly enough their pecular ray-like bodies were able to make visible and quite proficient fossil like imprints in the stone leading to impression that their membrane was able to partially dissolve the stone it went deceased on but not so severly to ruin the fossil's shape. Permaspades, even though they were as simplistic as unicellular organisms get were also able to show borderline personality - such as having a metabolisms warranting picky behavior or careful, bashful behavior.

Inheritable traits: Diversive metabolism, vaguely ray-like body, partially rock corroding membrane.

Kingdoms within this taxon:


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