The United Kingdoms of Basaten, simply referred to as the Kingdoms or the United Kingdoms, was a galactic monarchy that claimed territory across the Galvania galaxy, with some colonies in nearby, neighbouring galaxies. It was founded in 121174 CE after the Treaty of Tyyde was signed at the end of the Fryda Revolution. It was eventually reformed into the Taan Alliance thousands of years later.

The Kingdoms were founded on democracy. Even though the head of state is undemocratically chosen, the citizens are free to move from planet to planet and enjoy a life of luxury. Since they settled millions of planets across the galaxy, technology improved, which drastically changed entertainment, communication and transportation. The Wormhole Drive is a common way for Taans to move across the galaxy. 

Taans are the primary species within the Kingdoms. When they made contact with another civilisation years after their first interstellar mission, they agreed to cooperate together and formed an alliance. Each species opened their settlements to each other and a wave of immigration saw populations explode.

After 10,000 years of peace and stability, the Kingdoms were violently attacked by another civilisation in Galvania. The attack decimated the colony world Eldrum and immediately resulted in a declaration of war, starting the hundred-year long Galvanian War. Once the war ended, the Intergalactic Confederacy made contact with them, offering to establish an alliance but they ultimately declined.

The Kingdoms eventually fell apart and collapsed, splintering into dozens of independent governments. The assassination of a well-known politician sparked outrage, forcing small militia groups to attempt to overthrow the incumbent Queen. With the collapse also came diplomatic talks between leaders of the new governments. They eventually agreed to an alliance, creating the Taan Alliance. Their militaries were combined to form one gigantic army and their economies became connected, allowing unrestricted trade between them and other civilisations.


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