The United System Council (USC) is the representative group that leads the workings of the Zaramorian Domain. Each inhabited planet that exists within the Domain's jurisdiction gives one representative to join the Council. Each representative must come from a "home rule republic", which in essence is a de-facto independent planet that still retains ties with Zaramor.


The United System Council was created in 6012 CE after the settlement of humans on the planet Qesboth. Initially, the Council served as a small representative body that quickly resolved legislative problems for the sake of time and planetary development. Over time, with the admission of other planets of the Cirand-Hursel System to the Council, the legislative body took on the role of checking every single issue presented that was of a major value.

With the addition of other star systems to the Domain, the USC has expanded to become a large government body that overshadows individual planet policy and legislation. There have been initial movements by worried citizens to check the power of the United System Council, but all have been based out of paranoia.

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