The United Thesoki Republic is an intergalactic government that has existed for at least 2,500 years. The nation still manages to be independent, even as many of its citizens desire to join the CUEN.


Before the years following the first extrasolar colonies, the terra world of Thesoki was falling apart and on the verge of a second nuclear war until leaders and presidents from across the planet came together and united every country. It was the start of their first interstellar government, and the organisation that would fund the galactic space program for hundreds of years. Over time they assembled an armada of space probes and launched them towards other star systems, gathering outstanding data and discovering life beyond their star system.

By the start of the 97400's, the government elected their first president and boosted production of starships, eventually constructing an army of them within 50 years. Their president had turned the government into a dictatorship after he discovered the power of their exponential growth into their elliptical galaxy. After plotting several invasions into other galaxies, he ordered the invasion of the Andromeda galaxy, but failing to conquer most of the galaxy.

The battle plans turned towards the Milky Way and so the greatest invasion in human history began, and lasted until the Thesoki retreated back to their home galaxy.

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