Humanoid inhabitants of Lyola.


They appear to be humanoid and stand at roughly 1.7 meters tall. They live to around 130 years old but newer generations are virtually immortal; life without death. About 16 offspring are produced throughout a female's lifetime.

They are currently a late-Type IV civilisation.


Untoa's first appeared about 190,000 years ago soon after the last Ice Age. In less than a thousand years, they claimed the entire planet and built thousands of tribes with various different cultures and religions. Over time, the tribes became villages which merged with every other village to form towns and eventually the first cities.

In 471 CE, a volcano erupted and plunged the planet into a short volcanic winter until 475 CE. A four year-long famine occured which resulted in a staggering decrease in the global population by about 40 million.

Technology rapidly advanced, allowing for the first interplanetary missions in 1416 to their outer and inner planets, and the other sun located several astronomical units away. It paved the way for the formation of the Artrian Galactic Republic in 2500 CE, almost a thousand years later.

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