Also known as NGC 5150, the Uukazon galaxy is a barred spiral type galaxy inhabited by the sentient forces known as the Kren, a Type IV civilisation.

During the Uukazon Conquest in 17900's, the Kren became the dominant civilisation and government in the galaxy. This was soon followed by the First Uukazon War in the early 18000's.


Conquered by the Kren during the Uukazon Conquest between 17902 and 17938.


Guarding the outer edge of the galaxy is a gigantic space station ring that spans light years from one side to the other side of the galaxy, assuming that the megastructure was built in about 17,000 years. It supports a population of around 8 trillion. It has remained fully functional for the last 12,000 years and has become part of the galactic hive that connects every Kren to the galactic system.

Further into the galaxy resides billions of colonies and the homeworlds of many civilisations. At the centre of the galaxy is a black hole of unspeakable power and ferocity that it destroys anything passing too close. The Kren utilised the potential of travelling into the future, and so they constructed thousands of space stations for that very purpose.

Each colony of the Kren in the galaxy is connected to a hive mind that they use for leisure and ultimately, immortality. Within the galactic halo is a sphere, connected by space stations and planetary colonies, that serves as the energy collector for the galaxy. It produces over trillions of gigawatts for the Kren to utlilise every day.


Uukazon has been vastly inhabited by the Kren for tens of thousands of years, since their rise in the early 17800's, a century before the events of the Uukazon Conquest, the successful attempt to conquer the galaxy. Soon after the Conquest was over in 17938 CE, the Kren began developing self-replicating and automatic robots and sent them across the galaxy, invading every habitable planet and taking control over planets with the potential for colonies.

Successfully, they constructed a galactic ring station around the entire galaxy, capable of supporting trillions of Kren at once, and a sphere inside the galactic halo collecting trillions of gigawatts. Both these megastructures were officially complete by 21563 CE. 

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