The Uunbassht'Fin Incident was a brief armed conflict between the forces of Confederacy of Humanity and a splinter remnant group of the Molkor navy.


After the arriving in Milky Way at the beginning of the Second Galactic War, the Molkor engaged with humans in a multitude of armed conflicts throughout the galaxy, especially in systems with strategic/economic value. However, some Molkor vessels were also sent at unpopulated systems in order to construct colonies, either as a storage or as a resource extraction site to fuel the warfare.

As the tide of the war turned against the Molkor, these colonies started to construct fortifications in an attempt to halt or at least slow down the confederate forces. However so, humanity prevailed and successfully defeated the Molkor at their beachhead world and further at their homeworld in Hathia, ending the war.


The Planet Uunbassht'Fin, location of a Molkor outpost.

Some of these colonies, however, were built on completely uncharted systems and was not brought into human attention. A small military outpost/silicon extraction plant on Uunbassht'Fin(RS 8409-479-8-4091012-66 5 on, a Class-D planet 9,000 light years away from Sol was one example. When the war ended, most of the Molkor followed and surrendered to the nearest confederate authority. However, several officers either not received the information, refused to surrender, or dismissed the news as fake. Hence, a few planets and moons were still occupied by the Molkor (not necessarily militaristic). Due to the unchartedness of the systems, these occupations were not known by the rest of the galaxy, or even by the Molkor (due to destruction of their database in the battle for their beachhead).


On the year 9993, Project Anaximander was rapidly charting systems across the galaxy. In early March that year, CEV Xanadu and the smaller IMV Sheev III exited hyperdrive on the outskirts of the system. By March 17, the two vessels had completed the survey of the cometary cloud and the outer planets, moving on to the sixth planet of the system and discovered life in its oceans.

The military outpost was initially unaware of the ongoing survey. As the survey progressed, however, they soon noticed activity coming from the sixth planet (Uunbassht'Fin was the fifth). Thinking they were still in a

state of war, the Molkor sneaked on the stronger CEV Xanadu and opened fire.

Caught off guard, the light military vessel took heavy damage before it was even capable of returning fire. Noticing the impossibility of the situation, the commander of the Xanadu ordered evacuation and messaged the Sheev III to seek help. The Molkor captured the evacuees and took them as prisoners, allowing the Sheev III to escape the system.


The Class-O planet where the attack took place. The other body is the planet's largest moon.


The news shocked both the Confederacy and the Molkor Government (now relatively friendly to one another). In less than a week, a Molkor delegate had been sent to the colony to clear up the situation. As was apparent, Molkor FTL communication drives was damaged and no news of the Molkor surrender had reached the system. The officer-in-charge of the colony rapidly realized her mistake, however, and released the prisoners.

The Molkor Government issued an apology on March 22.

As of now, the planetary colony was demilitarized, yet some Molkor civilians still inhabit and work inside.


The Xanadu had a crew numbering about 3,000 men, and she lost 800 of them during the firefight.

Xanadu counterattacks nearly destroyed a Molkor gunship and damaged others, killing about 300 Molkors.

Injuries resulting from the incident was estimated at 1,500 humans and 700 Molkors.

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