Uva is the first planet of the Vinum System located in the Vocatus Nebulae in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a hot tidally-locked S-Class world.


Uva is a very hot, tidally-locked dwarf planet. Its surface is constantly battered with hear and extreme radiation as it is very close to its parent planet and it never rotates away from it.

Like many dwarf planets in the Ambrosia Galaxy, Uva is mined for its abundance of precious metals such as gold, iron, silver, and even trace amounts of platinum. However these are only preformed by remote controlled robotic probes as the dwarf planet is considered both too highly uninhabitable and not worth the price of setting up a colony.

Its years are extremely short, only taking two standard days to orbit its parent star.

The dwarf planet has a retrograde orbit, meaning it orbits around the sun left to right, rather then the more common prograde orbit.

Despite these facts, the dwarf planet is considered to be the most useful body in the system, other then the planet Aqua-Inferni. This is because due to the small amount of celestial bodies in the star system, as such, Uva is one of the only bodies with valuable resources.


Uva formed shortly after the formation of its parent star, Vinum, in 7,182,320,000 BCE.

When it first formed, Uva had an average prograde rotation and orbit. However, after millions of years its orbit around the sun would continue to grow quicker and quicker, and eventually, around 4,500,050,219 BCE, its orbit would be flipped into the opposite direction it was rotating. This caused its rotation to slow down, eventually becoming tidally locked to its parent sun and it would be this way for the remainder of the dwarf planet's history. It would capture its three dwarf moons, Lage, Nammn, and Reaft, during this event as well.

When the Human Alliance of Ambrosia entered within the Vinum System in 10345 CE, they would send robotic probes to the dwarf planet to mine its precious metals and return them to the colony city Vinum Civitatem located on the planet Aqua-Inferni.

The dwarf planet's two succeeding governments, the True Alliance of Man, and the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems would continue to do the same.

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