Vagi I (named for the Latin word meaning wanderer) was the first human starship to leave the Sol System to travel to Aeros.


The initial design for the Vagi I came from a group of scientists and engineers working for the SpaceX company. It was initially going to be used as an interplanetary science vessel and construction began in SpaceX's private drydocks in orbit two years later. However in 2059 when the Warp Drive was invented, Elon Musk, having since retired, called upon the current CEO to overhaul the current prototype.

In a feat of technical expertise unprecedented at that time, the engineers managed to install and calibrate a new warp engine on one of the nearly completed ships which was named Vagi I. Many applied for the chance to apply for this mission, but only ten candidates were selected, including the incredibly young and talented Cassandra Goodman.

The ship launched from Earth on June 1, 2061 and finally reached Aeros on Christmas Eve of that same year. On January 11, 2062, the ship's shuttles descended and landed in Aeros' northern hemisphere, where Cassandra became the first human to step foot on an extrasolar world. The crew spent one year on the surface studying and exploring.

Ten days before the ship was to leave orbit, the Egeria entered the star system and sent out a hail to the crew of the Vagi I. The crew of Vagi I packed their camp away early and took their shuttle to the southern hemisphere, where they met with the crewmembers of the Egeria mission. After ten days of helping the Egeria crew set up camp and exchange discoveries, the Vagi I crew returned to the orbiting ship and headed towards Helion, departing orbit on February 2, 2063. On February 16, 2063 they reached the scorched desert world.

Due to the planet's surface temperature, the crew almost didn't land, but Cassandra, ever the optimist, managed to convince them. As such, she was granted the honor of taking the first step on Helion. The crew spent three months in orbit of Helion, taking occasional shuttle rides down to explore strange features. On April 23, 2063, they broke orbit and headed back to Aeros to meet up with the Egeria once more. They arrived on May 8, 2063.

This time, the crew of the Vagi I spent three months with the crew of the Egeria before they finally departed for home on July 12, 2063, where they were informed that the crew of the Egeria had discovered alien microbial life. An image of both crews standing in front of the former landlocked ocean was taken and is one of the most famous images throughout history.

The Vagi I entered Earth orbit on December 21, 2063 and the crew were welcomed back as heroes. The Vagi I was used for twenty more years, being overhauled a number of times with faster warp engines before being officially retired on March 1, 2086. It then became part of the orbital museum over Aeros which is where it is currently located.

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