Valentia as viewed above its thick atmosphere. At the left, you can see a small asteroid moon.

Valentia (RS 8409-2505-7-521814-66 6 in beta patch 5) is a warm E-Class planet orbiting a G8-class star about 73,169 light years away from Earth at the edge of the Milky Way. It is the sixth planet from its sun and is orbited by 8 moons: one large D-Class moon (called Valeka) and seven other asteroids.

It is the homeworld of an early Type II civilization called the Vayleks, harnessing the energy of its G8 V class star.


The planet orbits at a distance of 0.646 AU giving it an orbital period of 198.5 days. It has an eccentricity value of 0.059, which means the planet experiences temperatures between 36.6 celsius and 18.75 celsius. This is warm enough to support liquid water oceans and, therefore, life, including the Vayleks. The Vayleks have colonized their homeworld with cities on land and in the oceans.


The planet is 8.552 billion years old and has remained a warm E-Class planet for the last 7 billion years. It has experienced millions of ice ages and extreme volcanic events. Due to this, life has adapted to these harsh conditions for billions of years. Some forms of life have developed ways of hibernating during icy conditions, like Ice Ages, and extreme volcanism. Its atmosphere has experienced such events like the Great Oxygenation event almost 7.5 billion years ago.

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