Valhalla is a habitable E-Class moon located in the Carina Nebula 7,482 light-years from Earth. It was colonized by members of the Aesir Norse church in 3044.


When Valhalla was first discovered the Aesir explorers described it as being heavenly, It was perfect for habitation. Thus it was given the name Valhalla, Odin's hall of fallen hero's and a sort of heaven analogue within Norse culture. The moon has a comfortable nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere at 0.7 ATM. It's slightly warmer and tropical when compared to Earth, the average temperature ranging from 13 to 18 °C depending on whether or not the parent planet is at aphelion or perihelion. The moon has a day length of 1.9 standard days. Due to its slower rotation and much lower axial tilt when compared with Earth Valhalla is much more temperate. Storms are rare and when they do occur they are not very powerful.

Just a few years after its discovery the Aesir church officials decreed that they would follow their Vanir brothers to the Carina Nebula and leave the crowded core worlds. The church made Valhalla their central house in 3052. They sent messengers throughout the Core Worlds to search for Aesir raiding bands, mercenaries or practitioners and tell them of the new homeworld. So for the next ten years millions of Aesir norse followers left the Core Worlds and flocked to Valhalla. In 3049 the Aesir church established the Kingdom of Valhalla to rule the people.

The Aesir had been weaker than their lost brethren the Vanir for centuries. But when they came to Valhalla and built a new home world they grew in economical and military strength and by 3061 the Aesir were almost as strong as the Vanir. They were almost as good at creating and using marine ecosystems as the Vanir. Most of their power however came from the Aesir's long raids and their amazing skill at it. For the first fifty years after the birth of Valhalla the Aesir mostly left their Norse neighbors alone, however the Kingdom would send large raiding fleets far out of the Carina Nebula to raid, loot and pillage many other frontier worlds on the edge of Confederacy space, they would then sell the loot back to Core Worlds withing the Confederacy. Many times the Confederacy tried to hunt down their fleets and even threatened the government of Valhalla, but it wasn't until the year 3115 that the Confederacy was finally able to crack down on Valhalla's raiding.

During the expansion period before 3100 Aesir explorers discovered the world now known as Dokk Skogar in the year 3094. Aesir officials noticed the bounty of Dark wood on the moon and placed a satellite marker to stake it for later colonization. In 3099 however the Vanir discovered the moon. They destroyed the satellite and quickly built the colony of Dokkhafn on the moon. When the Aesir jarls confronted the Vanir about the moon and satellite the Vanir said the entire planetary system was empty and contained no satellites. The Aesir demanded that they be given permission to search the moon and the Vanir gave them permission. Aesir scout ships scoured the planet for months afterwards. Eventually they found the wreckage of their satellite. It appeared to have had a stabilization thruster malfunction that caused it to fall out of orbit, however the Aesir were wary of the Vanir and accused them of sabotage. For five years the Aesir watched as the Vanir became even richer and more powerful due to the planets abundance of Dark Wood. In 3104 the Valhallan King came to the decision that they had no choice but to attack and seize the world as their own. Vannaheimr's counter attack triggered an all-out war that caused deaths in the millions. The war nearly tore the two Norse cultures apart and only ended when the Confederacy stepped in and laid down the law with iron and laser. The war lasted for eleven years.

The Aesir had an uneasy truce with the Vanir for 1400 years afterwards. Fringe groups on the Aesir out-worlds still attempted to raid the Vanir. The Valhallan kingdom tried to stop them, however they were unable. In 4532 a seemingly unstoppable fleet of Christian fanatics known as Neoxians entered the nebula. Their attacks devastated and crippled the Aesir. Valhalla had to work with Vannaheimr in order to push them back out of the Carina Nebula. This shared combat built up a war bond and trust between the two nations. Ever since the Neoxia-Norse war of the 4530's the Aesir and Vanir people have worked together in close collaboration. The Aesir providing muscle and tactical insight and the Vanir providing logistics, economy and influence.



A Valhallan Battleship class warship being engaged by two Vannaheimr Cruisers in high orbit above Valhalla.

Valhalla was settled by people of the Aesir Church. The Aesir church is a church of the Neo-Norse religion that embraces the warlike and raiding aspects of Norse culture. They worship Odin as their cheif deity. Aesir people, along with most other Norse cultures, have an aversion to urbanizing. They do not like to create cities and prefer rural life small coastal towns. The Aesir people generally live modest lives free of advanced technology except when it comes to their war machines and raiding ships. The Aesir have some of the most advanced warships in the confederacy. Aesir culture generally colonizes worlds that are water abundant, stormy or inhospitable. They feel that worlds such as these most reflect Odin's wrath. Aesir Jarls usually allow the commoners, or karls, marine eco-systems that allow for subsistence fishing. The Aesir's main economic power however comes from raiding other worlds. The Aesir warfleet ranges several thousand lightyears to raid small Confederate colonies, it will harvest exotic specimins from primitive alien worlds and sometimes the fleet will scavenge dead worlds from the second age or some other war. The Confederacy has confronted the Aesir government in the past about the raiding, however the Aesir King and Jarls have always denied the attacks and dismissed them as random pirate groups.

The Aesir warfleets don't limit themselves to raiding however. As the economical backbone of the Aesir people the fleet is in charge of selling and transporting valuables aquired on their tours to markets ranging from distant Pismis 17 all the way to the Horse Nebula. The fleet doesn't only aquire loot from raiding. They will also scavenge URSS ruins or loot the remains of dead alien civilizations. Often times the Aesir fleet will discover alien planets and will capture many exotic and distinct fauna or flora to sell to distant frontier worlds or even on the blackmarket in the coreworlds. The fleet has been known to synthesize new narcotics from the captured alien fauna that they'll sell to frontier worlds.

The Aesir people of Valhalla and their minor colonies are governed by the Valhallan Kingdom. The Kingdom is organized in a caste system similiar to that of Vannaheimr, however it differs in that every starship captian is considered a Jarl and a political equal to a planetary governor. It is much easier for a Karl to become a Jarl in the Valhallan Kingdom than it is in the Vannaheimr Kingdom, in Valhalla all that is required for the most part is distinguished service in one of the Aesir fleets. As of the year 10000 the Valhallan court has 6224 Jarls that govern the raiding fleets and the minor colonies. A high Jarl is appointed head of each fleet and governor of each minor colony. The Jarls then appoint a High King who gives direction to the Kingdom. The Jarls appoint Godi as their officers and town officials. The Godi in turn elect Jarls on either their starship or to rule their planetary government. The Godi are also in charge of the day to day tasks of running either a town or starship.

Valhallan people fish for Sustinence, however most of the population serves at least four year tours in one of the raiding fleets. The Aesir people veiw the universe as theirs for the taking. They believe that ownership falls to those who are the strongest. They glorify battle and raiding for the honor of Odin and Thor.


Valhalla is the second most populous world within the Carina Nebula. It has a fairly low surface area however. It has a diameter roughly 60% that of Earths and a similar landmass percentage. Due to the low landmass and the Aesir people's natural aversion to dense cities the population of Valhalla is only 8 billion inhabitants.

Minor Colonies



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