Valinor (RSC 8409-1685-3-393-166 6) is a temperate E-Class planet located thirty two thousand light years from Earth in the M 56 star cluster. It is now home to the last of the Giokans in a small group known as the Valinorian Cult.


Valinor as seen from above its oxygen-rich atmosphere. It is now home to Valinorian Cult.

Shortly after the Giokans defeat at the end of the First Galactic War, the last Giokans decided to leave the core of the Milky Way and head outwards to avoid detection from various organisations, including the Confederacy of Humanity.

With an average temperature of 19 C, it is home to a million types of species of plants and animals of varying sizes and abilities. It has never been the homeworld of any civilisation.

Hideout of the Cult

The hideout, known as Valha Base to the Giokans, is found in the snowy mountain tops in the northern hemisphere away from the beaches and forests. Currently home to roughly a hundred Giokans, it is led by the male president Oya'Rin who has been the president since the formation of the cult.

Valha Base is hidden away from Human and other alien detection systems. If they remain avoided for the next thousand years, the population will grow up to at least 750,000. This is enough to plot a whole new series of attacks on the Milky Way, or if the future population is larger than predicted, a new galactic war is very possible.

Close Encounter with Detection

Giokans came to a close encounter with Humanity in 9301 during their galactic hunt for the last Giokans and bring them to extinction. Their radar systems sounded an alarm. Evacuations of the base were made in case the intruders had already found them. Later analysis of the intruders was revealed to be Human starships that, with in-depth research on the origin and purpose of the starships, they had came from the planet Earth several thousands of light years away with a purpose to destroy them.

This year, Humans have established an orbital space station around Valinor. An extreme chance of detection has begun to rise since the station was setup.

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