The Valinorian Order, founded in 9284 by Giokan survivor Reine Anedora, is an organisation and religion based upon previous Giokan beliefs.


Sometimes referred to as The Valinorian Cult, the Valinorian Order is an organisation and religion founded by Reine Anedora shortly after the end of the First Galactic War. Reine has strong, extremist views and wanted to destroy all civilisations in the cosmos. Many soon followed her beliefs and supported her views on alien civilisations. Since the founding of the Order, no civilisation has been wiped out since 9284.


The founder was Reine Anedora, a 31-year old female Giokan and one of the Giokans to survive the defeat at the end of the First Galactic War in December 9283. She had seven children, four sons and three daughters, and married three times in her life, divorced mostly due to her extremist views.


Members of the Valinorian Order mostly believe that all civilisations in the Universe must be exterminated. All members follow the same rules, mostly violent, extreme and law-breaking. Because of the beliefs, it has resulted in hybrids and a population explosion in the number of offspring.

One of these beliefs includes terrorism on a grander scale, which involves redirecting asteroids into colony and alien worlds and utilising nuclear and atomic weapons. 

In 9289, Reine, now at 37 years old and official general of the Order, ordered a series of terrorist strikes across the Milky Way which had led to an emergency response from the Confederacy of Humanity instructing them to fight back against the Valinorian Order.

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