The Vanir-Aesir war was a brutal war between the Vanir and Aesir factions of the Norse Culture. The war began in 3104 and lasted 11 years until 3115. The war only ended due to a complete trade and economic embargo set in place by the Confederacy, as well as the Confederacy peace-keeping fleet which threatened to blockade and isolate both factions.


The war began due to a series of cultural tensions that had been building up between the Aesir and Vanir factions for 600 years. This tension and the differences in philosophies caused serious frictions between them. In 3104 a conflict began around the Vannaheimr colony of Dokk Skogar that soon sprang up into an all out war.

A squad of Stodva Fighters streaking past Dokkhafn's Viggirtein western fortifications.

Skogar is a Vanir world that was colonised in 3091 and is right on the border of Vanir and Aesir space. The world was found to house enormous forests of a indigenous tree now known as Skogar Darkwood. This dark wood became a very rare and valued finish for expensive cabins, furniture and other liveries. When treated right it becomes as strong as steel, much less brittle than plastic and weighs about the same as plastic. It also is a very dark black color. The wood is coveted throughout the galaxy and made the already rich Vanir Jarls even more wealthy.

The Aesir saw this and became jealous. They made claims that the colony was in their space and that all revenue generated by it belonged to them. In 3104 the Aesir sent an invasion force to annex the planet. This invasion succeeded and for three years the planet was under the control of the Aesir, the Aesir also sent raiding parties to the worlds of Kalt and Sandur. Skirmishes between the Aesir and Vanir became frequent and Dokk Skogar changed hands between the two factions countless times during the war.


A Vanir Battleship and Cruiser engage an Aesir Cruiser on the edge of Valhallan Orbit.

In 3108 Vanir were able to maintain control of Dokk Skogar and launched an offensive of their own. The Vanir campaign raged through the Aesir worlds of Kaltis, Vatnid and Rokkheim. Rokkheim was heavily bombarded and most inhabitants were killed during the war. This campaign opened up Valhalla to attack. In 3109 The Vanir warfleet launched a massive assualt on Valhalla. The siege lasted for six months. But in the year 3110 a hidden Aesir fleet arrived to Valhalla from the planet of Frysta and the Vanir came under attack from both space and the Valhallan surface. They had no choice but to retreat. Valhalla regained control of their lost colonies and skirmishes resumed again in the space between Dokk Skogar and Kaltis.

In 3112 the Aesir began using weapons of mass destruction. The Vanir Fighting Force were able to stop most attacks and bombardments, however late in 3113 an Aesir attack on the planet Sandur succeeded in launching an antimatter warhead that detonated on the edge of the planet's ice shelf. The bomb left a crater that was 1240 kilometers in diameter. It nearly wiped out the planets young, transplanted eco-system and dramatically changed the climate from a wet temperate world to the dry desert it is today. By this time, see that weapons of mass destruction were in use, the Confederacy tripled their efforts to cease hostilities within the Carina Nebula.

In 3114 the Confederacy placed the entire nebula under embargo isolating them from the rest of the galaxy because the war was wreaking havoc over many of the colonies even outside the nebula and causing major economical upheavals. Many of the smaller colonies had even called for assistance according to the Articles of Confederation. The Confederacy fleet finally arrived and forcefully grounded both the Vanir and Aesir fleets. The fighting was so intense against the peace-keeping fleet during the last year that the warfleets weren't successfully grounded until the year 3115. This was the official end of the war. Both factions were held under lockdown, a blockade was placed on all worlds until the leaders agreed to uphold a peace. Though it was officially over, rulers from both factions turned blind eyes to their own raiders or pirates attacking the border worlds.

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