Vanqai is a tidally locked O-class world, 41.79 light years from Sol.


It is a tidally locked ocean planet, featuring a massive hurricane, dominating most of the daytime side whereas the nightside is a dark frozen ice sheet. This planet was discovered in 2110 and a mission was sent there which arrived in 2119. It is the third planet from its parent star, Metevola, and is between the orbits of two neighbouring gas giants.


Upon arrival, some aquatic probes were deployed to investigate signs of life underwater and came upon the Merphins. The Merphins were of high interest due to their telepatic abilities so a research outpost was stationed on the icy terminator in 2128.


Various aquatic lifeforms inhabit Vanqai's ocean with the most interesting being the Merphins and the Eygors.

The Merphins are somewhat similar to dolphins in terms of shape and size. The are a deep blue colour, have four eyes and are bioluminescent. They mainly swim in pods, similar to dolphins and whales on Earth. Their most interesting trait is their ability to telepathically communicate with each other which is odd for what seemed like a primitive species at first glance. However, more study has revealed them to be very intelligent and their language is very hard to translate due to how complex it is. Also, judging by the age of their planet, they seemed to have existed for even longer than Humanity.

Eygors: Menacing predators around the size of a shark. They have jet black bodies and glowing green eyes. Eygors have four fins that they use to swim and mainly hunt in packs however, some prefer to hunt alone. They usually feed on smaller lifeforms however they will not hesitate to prey on lone Merphins. They also have sharp claws on their two front fins which come in handy when attacking a larger creature such as a stray Merphin as well as razor sharp teeth. Eygors are slightly bigger than Merphins and have a single long dorsal fin on their back. Eygors will only attack lone Merphins as a group of Merphins can easily fend off an Eygor. While Eygors are somewhat intelligent, they aren't to the extent of Merphins.


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