Vell'ae Ikrael was a Th'ega architect famous for her unorthodox designs. She designed the first iceberg city in 193,301 CE, which later became the capital of Kavla for a while. Vell'ae lived a fairly long life considering the limited medical technology available at the time, living as long as 165 standard years.

Early Life

Vell'ae was the daughter of Van'ae Ikrael and Mar'en Arsten, two prominent politicians in Kavla's central government. She had two siblings - one brother and one sister - who later became politicians like her parents. Vell'ae always enjoyed designing anything from everyday items to grandiose cathedrals and skyscrapers and later studied architecture at Ochi'an University, after being awarded a scholarship there.

After she graduated, she immediately began designing buildings. One of the more well-known buildings was what became Li'ion's largest library on its upper levels. She then moved to Li'ion, which at that time was a small fishing town. It shared a similar design to most other Th'ega cities at the time, being made up of a central donut-like disc which buildings were attached to. Cables attached to anchor-points on the seabed were used to stop the town from flipping in rougher weather.

Life in Li'ion

After moving to Li'ion, Vell'ae is reported to have remarked, jokingly, "Ikum Kavla'an! Endro'i ektas proficilus kran'ae aktam!" (Closest English translation would be "My God! The city looks like something out of a horror film!")

Ikrael spent her time in Li'ion designing early drafts of what would later become the first iceberg city. She secured funding from the Central Kavlan Parliament for this project. This city would later be called Vell'ae in her honour, though it had originally been called Proch'an. Ikrael then secured funding to convert Li'ion into one of these cities. After the construction of the first few cities, Ikrael met her future spouse Kar'ae Klinao. Kar'ae went on to found the Ikrael Foundation (an organisation focused on improving living standards across the Federation) in 193, 408 CE.

Notable Works

Vell'ae Ikrael designed many major buildings in the Federation. In fact, she had designed so many buildings that there are still designs that haven't even been built. One of her most famous works is, obviously, Proch'an, the first iceberg city. This was completed in 193,389 CE, with several other cities built before Ikrael's death in 193,411 CE.

Another of her famous works is the Federal Parliament (former Central Kavlan Parliament) building on Li'ion's upper levels, which is known as one of her most beautiful works. The largest library in Li'ion was also designed by Ikrael, along with several cathedrals dotted around the planet. These can be as much as 210 metres tall, with a cathedral on Raelka being even taller at 304.5 metres.

Ikrael also designed schools, skyscrapers with integrated vertical gardens and many federal buildings (such as the Kavlan Embassy on Raelka).

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