Velz’ia is a tidally locked E-class planet orbiting an M0.7 red dwarf in a binary system within the Milky Way galaxy.

Its is smaller than Earth and has a thinner atmosphere as well as a weaker gravitational pull. It is orbited by 3 moons which are captured asteroids and has a massive beautiful cyclone, nicknamed Hurricane Iris by Human explorers aboard the Starlight Envoy.

While the planet does have continents, most of it is covered in great expanses of oceans.


Velz‘ia is home to a variety of strange yet interesting lifeforms with the dominant being the Gresh. The Gresh are 8ft tall beings with dark blue skin, one eye, a brain-like cranium and four gill-like breathing holes on their chest. They also have long dangly arms and four fingers. The Gresh are very advanced, having explored and mapped all of their star system as well as set up multiple colonies across it.

Other forms of life include large carnivorous tree-like organisms who use their tentacle like branches to capture prey. They stand 30 ft tall and release a smell that attracts prey.

A species of large, three eyed insectoids also inhabit the planet, living in regions near the terminator zone. They see in infrared and have four large wings. They feed by sucking the nutrients out of small plants and are common prey for the aforementioned tree-like organisms.


The Gresh are ruled by a technocracy of five leaders that reside in the "capital" of their planet. The Gresh prefer to stay in their cities so the rest of the planet is left to the wildlife.

The Gresh have been in existence for thousands, if not, millions of years and have achieved great technological advances.


The Gresh live in hi-tech cities across their planet and even have some underwater. They have also built floating cities in the skies of the gas giants, Dal’an (A5) and Aulsh (A7) in their system.

Their ships are disk shaped and are extremely fast, being able to get to the nearest system in under a minute. The Gresh have also successfully built a Dyson ring around the larger star of the system.

Some of their probes may have visited Earth before judging by ancient Gresh exploration record, which have could have been responsible for some UFO sightings in the early 21st century. They likely considered Humans primitive at the time and not worthy of contact.


Humans made contact with them when one of their probes arrived at a Human colony. The Gresh were fairly surprised to how much Humans have progressed and were even more surprised when Human visitors came to their system. While not part of the confederacy, Humanity does have their respect for how much they've advanced.


SCART view of Velz’ia’s system, before departure.


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