Venaliri is a early space faring civilisation native to the planet Mira, Mirabilis system in Sombrero galaxy. Being evolved on Mira they can survive extreme atmospheric pressures.

Venaliri's biology

Venaliri have blue bones composed mainly of cristalline Al2O3, four hands,six eyes. Their eyes are located where humans ears are supposed to be. They sense sound using their tube-like organs named irains. They belongs to Alethors class of Miran animals.

Venalirian society

Venaliris are extremely colectivist and patriarchal society. They values loyalty to own clan above anything else. Religion is big deal in Venalirian life. They worship thousands of gods and goddesses. Two main deities are Kulaires, the sky-father and Fera,earth-mother. A individual is expected to do anything for survival of his or her clan. Clans meet every 5 miran years to discuss problems regarding Venalirian survival and to settled any conflicts between clans. They become a space faring species in 12287 AD.

Human contact with Venaliri

Humans have detected radio signals from Mirabilis system in 12304 AD. Soon they have organized a expedition to Mirabilis. Because of Mira high pressure and not wanting to affect Venalirian society, humans set up a space station around Mira to study her life. They also send radio signals to Mira's surface to be picked up by her native. Humans and Venaliri have never meet in person. What humans know about Venalirian society comes from their TV signals and incomplete data from robotic probes.

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