The Verd'nim'tosh are a race of sentient octopodes that are most known for their heavy use of cybernetic implants and their hostile view on aliens.


Unfortunately, the Verd'nim'tosh keep to themselves and engage in little diplomacy, so the history of the Verd'nim'tosh is mostly a mystery. Intercepted transmissions only provide a vague summary of what happened.

As mentioned, not much is known how the Verd'nim'tosh United Galaxies came to be, but it is theorized that a global war unified its home planet of Gorlikhta under a single political entity. Immediately after Gorlikhta was ruled by a single banner, the citizens looked towards the stars and the Verd'nim'tosh rapidly advanced in technology. They started invading and colonizing worlds aggressively, and around 15,000 CE, they had erased all forms of resistance in their home galaxy.

Around 17,000 CE, Verd'nim'tosh started to view organic body parts as weak and inefficient, and replaced them with mechanical ones. Eventually, after centuries of fitting cybernetic implants into their bodies, they popularized the idea that the superior Verd'nim'tosh is a mix of organic and machine. They believed that full organic Verd'nim'tosh are disgusting, and that any Verd'nim'tosh that turn themselves into a machines completely are robots and therefore slaves.

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