“Verpletter - The Wild West of Humanity. That place has been at war with itself for the last ten thousand years, and anyone who has a vision for the Confederacy and Humanity at large seems to be heading over there. It's… Almost humbling to think that the entirety of Humanity could be changed by what happens in there.” - Admiral Xerraken Ashmoth, 199,980AD
The Verpletter Galaxy, formerly known as the Messiah Galaxy, is a Dwarf Galaxy that orbits a larger galaxy known as Asameth. In 189,450AD, the galaxy was separated from the rest of the universe by Black Holes and Solar Storms, in an event now known as the Great Seal-Off of Verpletter. After ten thousand years, those issues have cleared up, and travel and communication are now possible again.

However, Verpletter has become a battleground for hundreds of what are referred to as Factions, all fighting various ideological wars and conflicts. It has become the site of many travellers who possess radical political beliefs, looking to serve and help fight for the Factions they ideologically align with. The spread of various ideologies constantly threaten to spread into the wider universe.

Throughout the millennia, these conflicts have expanded from light skirmishes into constant all out warfare between all the various Factions who have not yet made alliances with other Factions. Major Factons will clash and conflict with one another, while Minor Factions clash against one another also, but also align themselves with Major Factions, or try to band together to become a new Major Faction to maintain their own legitimacy. Borders change regularly in contested areas, while attacks and counter attacks are common parts of life in certain regions.

In addition to this, Verpletter is home to several 'Forces of Nature' that make general existence in the region more dangerous than the average galaxy, and a great number of stellar phenomenon and anomalies that can have immense effects on the Human body. Due to this, a great number of mutant species are also commonplace within Verpletter, as various conditions force members of the same species to evolve in various ways. Many Human mutant species have been documented, and there have been reports of other sentient species having mutant species develop in the galaxy.

Famous for it's eternal conflict and incredible biodiversity, Verpletter has become something of a famous location within the Local Universe, with eyes constantly watching it's every move. Many people who observe the politics of Verpletter eventually end up sympathizing with a Faction in particular, and leave their lives behind to sign up and fight for the ideology they have come to believe in. Many go due to feelings of discontentment with their lives, and some go to seek out fortunes in a galaxy ripe with rare materials and opportunities. Trillions of people have business in Verpletter, though there are dozens of ways it can all go wrong - Verpletter is not a region of space to be taken lightly.

Many outside Nations have looked to Verpletter for a number of reasons. Most have decided that annexing the galaxy would not be particularly beneficial - Even if it would result in an expansion of their territory, getting involved in such a complicated galaxy could make the cost of expansion far too high, and could even risk starting wars with other Major Nations in the universe. Ironically, the immense conflict that Verpletter experiences protects it from outside annexation, at least for the time being.

In various languages within the galaxy, Verpletter is a word for "Shattered" or "Divided". Many Factions have abandoned their ideals for survival, while many have held true to them and perished for it. With no end in sight to the conflicts that run in every direction in the galaxy, the various Factions face themselves with the need to fight to both protect themselves, and their ideals, as it would seem that Verpletter will be home to constant war for millennia to come, unless something major changes.


Verpletter 2

Verpletter, taken just after The Great Seal-Off of Verpletter ended, by the starship Venutia, on the way to make first contact with the galaxy again

Verpletter is a small Dwarf galaxy of approximately one Billion stars, which orbits the larger Asameth Galaxy, that in the past, was the frontier of the Confederacy of Borealis roughly ten thousand years before the 200th millennium. It was scheduled to be settled due to the detection of several rare and valuable resources, which also attracted the attention of other larger nation states on the Universal scale, such as the Empire of Mankind, various Lewis Nations, the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations, and a dozen others. Due to a series of black holes and solar storms, it was cut off from the rest of the Confederacy for several millennia, during which it’s various Human colonies were separated from one another, and many regressed technologically, having the start back up again over the centuries. 

Once the storms cleared up, the galaxy was discovered to be an immensely divided sector of space, and much of its history is characterized by ideological war, which often threatens to spill into the wider confederacy, and become a wider issue for the entirety of Humanity. It is sometimes referred to as the Wild West on the edge of Confederacy territory. 

Due to its distinct separation, the galaxy has its own calendar that it uses rather than the wider Human standard. This calendar is referred to as the Verpletter Counter, and is on a timeline of about 10,550 years. Years are written out as, for example, 10,000VC (Verpletter Continuum).

Approximately 25,000 sentient alien species are known to exist within the galaxy aside from Humanity. In spite of this, Humanity is the dominant species within the Verpletter Galaxy. Some Human factions accept aliens into them, while others seek to exterminate them. Countless more non-sentient species also exist within Verpletter, some being incredibly dangerous to the sentient peoples within the galaxy.  


Originally known as the Messiah Galaxy, an unimportant dwarf galaxy that colonized in the midst of large expansionist waves of colonists set out from the Confederacy. The region was scanned, and it was found that there was an abundance of raw energy in the galaxy, and thus, it became a site for colonization and exploration. Due to it’s relatively small size, the galaxy was colonized relatively quickly by industry and businesses that sought to gain a profit from the new frontier.  

This attracted various nations to the Galaxy, all seeking to make a claim in the new territory. Many of these groups didn't inform the others of their presence within the galaxy however, seeking to take advantage of the galaxy as quickly as possible.  

The Great Seal-Off of Verpletter

Verpletter Galaxy

Verpletter, taken from Scanners from the Confederacy of Borealis, in 189,400CE, before any efforts of colonization had been underway.

In 189,450AD, just a hundred years after the initial colonization efforts of the Messiah galaxy, a series of unexplained space storms and black holes opened up all around the Messiah Galaxy, and in spite of it’s advanced technological capabilities, the Confederacy was not able to reach the dwarf galaxy, communicate with it, or send any kind of supplies to it.  

In recent years, it has been revealed that this is because Verpletter was placed into some sort of pocket dimension, without the knowledge of anyone from the outside of the Galaxy, or to the knowledge of anyone inside the galaxy either. What had caused this however, is a complete mystery, with no satisfying explanation, or even plausible explanation, being offered by anyone. whatever the case may be however, the reality was that for all intents and purposes, Verpletter became a universe in and of itself, with nearly no outside influences being attainable whatsoever, aside from the mere knowledge that a wider universe did exist.  

For the next ten thousand years, Verpletter was confined entirely and only to itself, forced to etch out a life within the relatively small galaxy, and sustain itself.  

The Great Seal-Off of Verpletter is treated differently by different groups within Verpletter. Some, such as the Terran Nationale, see it as the greatest hindrance conceivable, robbing them of their lives back in the Confederacy of Borealis. Others, such as the Theocracy of the Star Gods, see it as an almost divine event, that suggests that those already in the galaxy at the time were divinely chosen for a higher purpose. Others, such as the Commune Federation, see it purely as a phenomenon that regardless of what happened, now dictates a great number of the many things that now must be done in order to survive in the new environment.  

Attitudes towards the Seal-Off are diverse, with nearly every individual having a perspective on it. It is considered to be the most defining moment in Verpletters history.  

Humanity After The Seal-Off of Verpletter

Since they were cut off from the wider Human race, the Humans within the galaxy began to build up their own worlds and governments. Because of how spread out Humanity was, due to various groups seeking out various claims of energy reserves, many of these groups had no method of contacting one another, or were even necessarily aware of one another's existences. This led to many of these groups socially progressing independent of one another, relying on the various material conditions of the worlds around them to guide their societies. Many were forced onto worlds that were hostile towards them, such as the volatile magma world of Polum'ya, or the tidally locked world of Sjávarfalla, and etch out a living from those worlds. In these cases, their technological capabilities helped make this transition easier than others. 


The world of Marx, an example of a world where Humanity had to build itself up from limited technological capabilities. While certainly not uncommon, Marx was unique in that it almost simulated much of the social dynamics present between 0AD and 2000AD on Earth.

Some of these factions had to start from a far more primitive level of technology, while some had to start from the very beginning of the technological tree of Humanity, needing to develop agriculture once more after major technological failures. One such example would be the world of Marx, which had only limited technological capabilities until several hundred years after it's colonization. Worlds like this would remain cut off from the wider Humanity within Verpletter for even longer periods of time, and would in some cases develop ideologies that would fundamentally rewrite how trillions of people saw themselves within the Verpletter galaxy.  


Sonoran, a world in which Humans and aliens were able to create a society together after the Seal-Off of Verpletter. Sonoran would go on to become a galactic power, and the center of a Major Faction.

Several found themselves on planets with sentient species. The experiences between the Humans that found themselves forced onto inhabited planets varied quite drastically in some regions. On planets such as Sonoran, where Humanity came into contact with the accommodating Kessenski people, the two species were able to create an integrated society, based on both shared values and mutual benefit. This was not an uncommon situation either - Many species welcomed Humans and their advanced technologies, particularly the poorer and less advanced worlds. These worlds would then go on to become major players on the galactic stage.  


Krieg, a world in which Humans were ot only welcome, but were nearly genocided on. Humanity won on this world however, and Krieg became one of the mos feared worlds in the entirety of Verpletter

This was not a universal experience however. There were just as many worlds that outright rejected the arrival of Humanity, and would seek to wipe them off the face of their worlds. Many worlds outright genocided the Human refugees, and many more made the attempt. The most notable world in which this happened is that of Krieg, though it is unclear if Humans or the native species started hostilities. These incidents also fuelled the behaviours of many actions later, particularly those of Krieg, often giving birth to ideologies that focus on xenophobia and Human supremacy, and domination of the various native alien species.  

The galaxy has over 10,000 years of totally unique Human history, and as such has developed thousands of unique cultures, many of which have become near incompatible with the Confederacy at large. In spite of that, several factions do seem interested in joining the wider humanity again. 

The Emergence of Factions

Commune-Vanguard borders

The 'Border' Between the Commune Federation (Blue) and the Vanguard Republic (Red) in the Kaiyshar Sector, two Factions who have had a long history of antagonism and conflict with one another. The Vanguard Republic has launched several invasions to retake the territory the Commune Federation now holds, to no real success.

Factions have been part of Verpletter's existence for a very long time, arguably forming only several decades after the Seal-Off of Verpletter.

For several years after the Seal-Off of Verpletter, whenever Humans ran into one another, they would almost always join their forces almost instantly to welcome one another as comrades-in-arms, though this wasn't universal. In some cases, such as the Ice moon of Cicero, various major Nations fought one another, though these conflicts rarely expanded beyond the solar-system level.

Terran Nationale Forces

Terran Nationale forces during the conquest of Dala'kerr

As these groups became more settled in to their region of space however, these reunions became less and less common, as the societies that these groups formed were based on ideologies that were incompatible with one another. A major incident for example, was the Commune-Vanguard War, in which, in spite of both the Commune Federation and the Vanguard Republic ostensibly holding the same values of liberty, equality, and freedom, the Vanguard Republic's authoritarianism was completely incompatible with the libertarian-socialist values of the Commune Federation, which lead to conflict which both sides still hold deep resentment for, even millennia after it ended.

These sorts of conflicts became more and more common, until various regions of space that held similar values decided to band together to protect one another under a singular banner. Similar events occurred all over the galaxy until the modern conceptualisation of a Faction was born.

All Out War

Battle 1

Commune Federation Forces fighting against the Kreigsleute invasion of Vauu, 10,001VC

In modern Verpletter, many Factions are constantly in a state of open war with one another, often instructing their space stations and fleets to open fire on any hostile Factions ship the moment they're in range. Casualty tolls tend to be rather high, though the death toll usually depends on what Factions are fighting, where, and with what technologies.

Border skirmishes, territorial exchange, retribution, reconquest, and so on and so forth are regular occurrences for several hundred dozens of systems every day. Much of the fighting comes down to ideological reasons, with the acquisition of territory and resources being almost secondary goals. Most Factions seek to implement their respective ideologies throughout Verpletter, and because many of these ideologies are fundamentally opposed to one another, all manner of conflicts have broken out.

Space Battle

Space battle between the Liberty Empire and the Breakout Army

The state of affairs devolved entirely around 6021VC, where all Factions now are in essentially states of constant open war against anyone not allied with them. Up until this point, while there had been wars, many conflicts had ended at least temporarily throughout history. By this point however, it became clear that the ideological differences were too immense to overcome, and would be resolved through conflict. At this point, many invasions were launched by the more aggressive Factions, while the others then retaliated. There have been exceedingly few peace conferences since this year in Verpletter's history, though several have been attempted.

While some Factions do maintain peaceful relationships with others, there is not one Major Faction, and incredibly few Minor Factions, that have not been dragged into the galactic war.


Verpletter is a small Irr type Dwarf galaxy, with approximately One Billion stars, making it a small Dwarf galaxy even by the standards of the already small category. It is a densely packed system however, with thousands of mini-clusters and nebulae scattered throughout. The area is rich in phenomenon and energy resources, as well as unusually high levels of native life.  

Energy Resources

Verpletter is home to a wide variety of energy sources, some rarer than others, and some more common than others. Regardless, many Factions see these sources as strategically important.

Mamedov Nebula

Mamedov Nebula

The Mamedov Nebula Xinxhai, under the control of the Xavier Co-Operative Protectorate

Verpletter is well known for possessing large natural resources of energy - It possesses a multitude of nebula, which are made up of an energy-dense material known as Mamedov, named after the founder of the energy, Nikolai-Staniša Mamedov. This resource is capable of producing immense amounts of energy that are capable of providing for colonies for decades , and is thus a very valuable resource to have. The abundance of Mamedov-rich nebula’s were a primary reason for colonizing the galaxy in the first place. 

Many factions within Verpletter have noted the value of these nebulae, and have set up colonies in and around them. They often become strategically valuable locations, and targets for conquest in the event of conflict. It is not uncommon for conflict to break out due to claims surrounding these nebulae either. 

Black Holes

Verpletter is home to a number of strategic black holes, which can be utilized for a variety of applications, such as rapid space travel, and the collection of energy. They are often home to settlements in the form of both planets and artificial cities that rest near the Event Horizon of a black hole. They are seen as incredibly valuable resources for the various Factions. 


As well as being full of various energy resources, Verpletter is home to valuable materials that many factions will clash over. Many of the materials are unique to Verpletter, and would need to be replicated to be of mass use outside the Dwarf Galaxy.


Arauzite is a mineral that is found in some star systems within Verpletter. It is found in many forms, be it mined from planets or asteroids, from stars themselves, found in the rings of ringed worlds, and in other forms. It is a remarkable metal, as it is immensely resilient and resistant to breaking. Even the thinnest line of Arautize can withstand a surprising amount of shelling and laser fire from opposing ships, and can be used to fortify against collisions.  


Voßen is a metal that is often found in dwarf planets within Verpletter, particularly in the Shen Cluster. Voßen is a valuable metal for the construction of asteroid and atmosphere-less colonies, and on star-ships, due to it's clear properties - Allowing it to be used as a substitute to glass. This increased the structural integrity of the structures and the ships, making it a valuable commodity.  


"Everywhere has it's various groups and political agents trying to push what they want. Verpletter is just a bit more blunt and open about it - At least they tend to tell you exactly what it is they want. Better politics than out here where everyone lies about what they want."
Kriegsleute military

Military forces of the Fifth Reich

Factions are entities in Verpletter which tend to be opposed to one another, usually on ideological grounds. They are a collection of systems, species, and individuals that live and fight under one banner, or under an alliance of banners, with a shared end goal. They function in a similar manner to nation states, although the structure can vary wildly depending on the ideology of the Faction.  

For example, the Kreigsleute Faction is a Fascistic autocratic regime with strict, secure borders, the Liberty Empire has a Laissez Faire economic structure with oligarchs, more fluid external borders but more rigid internal borders, and the Commune Federation is a democratic federation, has no internal borders, and only has external borders by sheer necessity. Each has it's own political framework, as well as it's own structural framework. As such, calling them nation states is incorrect.  

Most Factions tend to accept people based on ideology, rather than their birthplaces. It is along these lines that many outsiders of Verpletter, or defectors from other Factions, are accepted into their new Faction. However, this can change depending on the Faction. For example, the Kreigsleute will not accept anyone who is not Human, while the Terran Nationale will not accept any outsiders at all. This is not to say that Factions do not allow political discourse within themselves - The Commune Federation allowes many political parties to participate within it's democracy, and people will not be expelled for having opposing views.  

Nakazawa Imperium Samurai

A Nakazawa Imperium Bushi

There are dozens of Factions within the Verpletter galaxy, and these Factions typically possess immense ideological differences, some of which are insurmountable. Some factions forge alliances with others, while some outright reject compromise or cooperation with those who aren’t adherents to their ideologies. Historically, some Factions have merged into one another, while others have been wiped from the face of the Galaxy.  

The Factions can be split into two categories - The Major Factions, and the Minor Factions.  

Major Factions are categorized by the possession of over at least 1000 Solar Systems, the ability to project immense influence and the ability to contest with other Major Factions. They often have strong military's and civic structures, and hundreds or thousands of worlds within their direct control or influence.  

Minor Factions are categorized by having control of less than 1000 Systems, little ability to project wide reaching influence, and often struggle in contending with Major Factions. Many have only small armies, and in some cases have next to no civic infrastructure at all. Many Minor Factions tend to be good at defense, since they must resist constant attacks by Major Factions and other Minor Factions. Many Minor Factions build relationships with ideologically similar Major Factions.  

Major Factions

"When you think of the Verpletter Factions, you're more than likely going to think about the Major Factions - The huge superpowers that exist within the galaxy and propel most of the changes there. They're the biggest political force in that galaxy. Not the only one, but it's undeniable that most of the changes to the galaxy are more than likely going to come from one of them."
Major Factions are the largest political bodies that exist within the Verpletter Galaxy. They have the most power and the most political influence. Their ideologies are incredibly diverse, and they are responsible for much of the conflict that takes place in Verpletter.

The Commune Federation 

“Speaking pragmatically, if we abandon a few minor colonies, like Usenov and Tejaswi, we might be able to outflank the invaders.” - Militia Advisor Besren Adhora

Commune flag

“There are no minor colonies in The Commune.” - Solar Militia leader Luna Sanderson, 199,999AD, 9,999VC

 The Commune is a faction of about 186,000 solar systems, organized into a Federation-like system. It expands typically through the peaceful integration of new worlds into it’s federation, though it has been known to annex territory from those that attack them. It is accepting of alien species into its faction, and is known for being an incredibly difficult faction to invade due to its focus on defense, but is equally known for not being very good at launching wide scale invasions for the exact same reason. 

Qarshiqar Rungworld

The capital of the Federation is Qarshiqar, a rungworld around a gas giant, designed to be inhabitable for all the various species of the Commune

The primary ideology of this system is a form of Anarcho-Communism designed to be compatible for space travel. It's Capital world is the Gas Giant Qarshiqar, a rouge planet that was selected so as to not inspire favouritism between the various member worlds and species present within the Federation. It is considered one of the most diverse factions due to it’s tolerance and acceptance of aliens and mutant species.  

Due to a series of corporations dictating the running's on their home-worlds for three millennia, the workers of the twin-worlds eventually rose up to overthrow their rulers, and established their own systems based on mutual aid, democracy, and communal living. It is known to possess a pathological hatred towards authoritarian regimes. 


“Species and Steel.” - The Chant of the Kreigsleute

Kreigsleute flag

The Kreigsleute is a faction that has expanded to about 167,000 solar systems. It is an aggressive, imperialist, fascistic regime which demands obedience to the state and to the home-world, a barren dust-ball known as Kreig. 

Krieg was previously the home-world of the insectoid, millipede and centipede species known as the Ik’Ik’Vikira and the Zek’eke’zka respectively, and was then known as Liq’Ziq. The Kreigesleute claim that the insect species kept attacking them unprovoked, and that they fought back, though the Ik’Ik’Vikira and Zek’eke’zka contest this, claiming that the Kreigsleute attacked them first. Whatever the case may be, the Kreigsleute drove the species off of their home-world, and asserted themselves as the dominant species, in spite of hostile wildlife.

Kreigsleute battle

Kreigsleute fighting on the world of Orsha'kaka, against the Zrelgerian Kraterocracy

They then began to establish a space empire, driving out dozens of species from their home-worlds and establishing a Human-supremacy ideology. The Kreigsleute are infamous throughout Verpletter for their absolutely brutal methods of waging war, and are feared arguably the most out of all the Factions throughout Verpletter. They are ruthless expansionists, and have been known to engage in active and deliberate acts of genocide. Species that fall under their control are often used as slave labour or are systematically wiped out. This also applies to Human Factions that do not submit to the will of the Kreigsleute.

In particular, the Kreigsleute hold a deep hatred towards the Commune Federation, seeing their liberties and freedoms as symptomatic of a weak Faction, and that their influence over Verpletter will doom Humanity. They extend this to external forces too, such as the Confederacy of Borealis, whom they see as immensely complacent and weak, and are to be overthrown to make way for a Human-dominated Universe.

The Deciarchy of the Overlord

Deciarchy Flag updated

“The Overlord Wills It.” - The Prayer of the Deciarchy

The Deciarchy of the Overlord is a Theocratic Technocracy, focused around the Praise system. They practice a religion they refer to as 'The Cult of The Overlord.'

Deciarchy Leader

The Techmaster of the Deciarchy

The Deciarchy refers to the fact that the empire of about 140,500 worlds is divided into ten distinct zones, which all have a certain degree of autonomy within the Deciarchy, and are expected to be able to act independently of the others should the need arise. These various zones are referred to as Cantons, and have distinct cultures within the Deciarchy, as well as certain reputations. Many of these Cantons compete against one another to prove their devotion to the Overlord.  

This faction worships a mega-computer found as the centre of a gas giant that they have named Salvation. The computer, which they refer to as ‘The Overlord’,  gives them instructions on what to do, and because the Deciarchy worships the computer as a God, they follow these instructions without question, even in the event that such an order makes little logistical sense, such as going to war against much larger foes, often justifying it’s decisions by simply stating “The Overlord Wills It.” As such, the Faction is not well known for being adaptable and flexible with it's tactics, but is known to make up for it with it's absolute zealous devotion to achieving it's objectives.  

The Vanguard Republic 

Vanguard Republic

“We’ve lost our capital, our territory, our honour - But to think that we’re even close to being defeated is the flaw of the feeble minded - The Vanguard shall rise! The Vanguard shall dominate, and The Vanguard shall lead mankind out of this galaxy, and rejoin our siblings of the stars!” - Supreme Union Tatriarch Tadalesh Hasanov

The Vanguard Republic is a Faction that controls about 132,200 solar systems. It is an Authoritarian regime that has been known to get into conflicts with The Commune and the Kreigsleute most commonly, though it has been known to conflict with other factions. 

The Vanguard Republic appears to be inspired by the Soviet Union of the 2nd millennium. It espouts similar rhetoric to The Commune Federation, but says that a strong leader and party are the only ways forward. To that end, they have engaged with The Commune Federation on ideological grounds many times. While they lost their previous Capital, Minskulak, they rebuilt a larger empire outside The Communes grasp, and have turned their worlds into fortifications that any invasion force will have to contend with. 

The Vanguard Republic has been known to work with and accept alien races within its ranks. At least one major avian species known as the Hawkris are known to be either allies or a part of the empire.

Liberty Empire 

“Competition is the name of the game - The strong survive and the weak die. That’s the way nature intended it be, that’s the way our empire will survive.” - Percival Augustus, Oligarch of the Augustus Line Corporation 

The Liberty Empire is an Empire of about 61,500 solar systems. In spite of its name, the Empire is an Oligarchical Corporatocracy. In practice, it is something of an Anarcho - Capitalist society. 

Liberty Empire

Spread throughout the many worlds, there are a dozen or so major mega-corporations that practically rule over their local systems - All work and jobs are in service to those companies, and there are next to no regulations in place to prevent them from doing as they desire. When a corporation fails, another one steps in to take its place. The Liberty Empire is known for its corporations often fighting one another, rather than bothering with external forces. As such, they are somewhat left alone, as no other faction sees them as an immediate threat. However, they have had repeated conflicts with the Deciarchy, often acting on the command of the Overlord. 

These corporations and their small Empires within a larger overall empire are usually ruled by either one, or a select few oligarchs, whomst harvest the vast majority of the profits from industry and spoils of war. Many of these oligarchs are in contact with one another, and don’t tend to hold grudges against one another over minor skirmishes. They also possess the ability to work as a united force in the event of invasion, or when their workers start to get antsy. 

The Terran Nationale

Terran Nationale Flag

"We would have all been fine if we hadn't let in these damned Xeno freaks - We managed just fine without them, and then they show up, and everything goes to hell. You know the drill everyone - Open fire at anything that isn't one of us, no mercy or respite!" - Defense Commander Gry Andreasen

The Terran Nationale are a Nationalistic Faction that focuses around the world of Terra. It is an empire of about 150,000 solar systems. It was historically a liberal representative Democracy, that Nationalists were able to co opt and take over via the undermining of the system and the manipulation of data and media. They then crushed all their opposition and formed an authoritarian state. Whenever they conquer a new territory, they force any native inhabitants or prior settlers out of the territory, making way for waves of Terran Nationals to settle their new land. 

The Nationale is an attempt to replicate the conditions on Earth, only without any of the liberal freedoms that they claim failed the confederacy and that they blame for their imprisonment within Verpletter. They were originally violently opposed to any integration of peoples not local to Earth at the time of the Confederacy of Borealis - Meaning many, many of the species from the Verpletter Galaxy. Their devotion to this ideal has even led them to reject Earth, due to the changes to it's society in the last 10,000 years. In more recent decades, they have become hostile to anyone of any species joining their Faction if they were not born within said Faction. In modern years, this has turned into a despising of anyone not Human.  

The Kreigeleute consider the Nationale to be allies. The Terran Nationale likewise treats them as allies.  

Royal Empire

The Empire of the Royal Kingdom

"We know of our lords, and we see them with our own eyes. They provide and they watch over us as we face the horrors of this galaxy. We won't bend the knee to anyone who insults our lord. No matter if they are from the home-worlds." - Sire Philocomasium Perperna, Nobility of House Perperna

Royal Empire Soldier

Soldier from the Royal Empire

The Empire of the Royal Kingdom, or as it is more commonly referred to, the Royal Empire, is a Faction in control of roughly 167,530 Solar systems. It is an absolute monarchy, with a Royal Family bloodline.  

The Royal Empire has a State Religion surrounding the Royal Family, with it's subjects worshipping the Royal Family as a series of Living Gods made incarnate, whom they refer to as the "Lord-Monarchs". Thus, they treat the word of their Royals as the word of God, as they do anyone who speaks on their behalf. It is structurally made up of six "Houses", which combine to make up the Parliament of the Empire, whom's responsibility it is to carry out the will of the Lord-Monarch.  

Due to religious differences, they have been in conflict with The Deciarchy of The Overlord a great many times. As they are also expansionists, they have conflicted with many other Factions too.  

The Zrelgerian Kraterocracy

"A Million and one young ones throughout the empire seek to overthrow me - One will succeed. And they will have to fight the other million to even get a chance to usurp me. They'll have to content with the senate, the nobles, the armies and the politicians - And then they will have to contend with me. The empire shall be ruled by the strongest. That is how all strong empires thrive. That is why we are stronger than the rest of the Factions. That is why Verpletter will bow before us." - Grand Emperor Essoren Falkping

Zrelgerian Kraterocracy Flag

The Zrelgerian Kraterocracy is a feudal empire of 88,740 solar systems, which is built on the principle of "Might makes right". The Kraterocracy is built in such a way that while anyone can attain power, only through careful political manipulation, military might, charisma, etc, can someone attain that power. Their empire is structured so as to ensure that even those in power must maintain their political awareness and face dangers, as only the strongest are fit to lead the empire. The feudal territories are also subject to this, constantly attacking one another, and only fully falling in line when the Emperor demands them to, usually in response to a greater threat.  

The Zrelgerian empire is dominated by a species known as the Zrelgerians. They are known practitioners of slave trades, often inviting various Factions and various alien species to survey their selection of captured slaves to sell them off to the highest bidder. the ruthlessness of their slaver empire is a feature of fear throughout Verpletter. Many millions of Humans have fallen into slavery through their empire.  

Xavier Co-Operative Protectorate

Xavier flag

"Your labour is yours to control. Your blood is yours to spill. Your home is yours to live. Your life is yours to own." - The immutable four pillars of rights for the citizens of the Xavier Co-Operative Protectorate


The Xavier Co-Operative Protectorate, more commonly referred to simply as the Xavier Protectorate, is a 98,800 Solar System sized Faction, located within the Taliesin Cluster. It is best described as a Socialist state, giving the workers control over their workplaces, and eliminating the commodity format. They are one of the closest allies to The Commune Federation. It is theorized that the two may begin to merge their Factions at some point.  

O'neil cylinder

The interior of one of the may asteroids that make up the capital of the Xavier Protectorate. O'neil Cylinders are particularly commonplace throughout the Protectorate

A unique aspect of the Protectorate is that it's capital is not on a planet, but rather a series of asteroids - Their home system of Cernunnos had no planets that had life-baring qualities, or they were impossible to settle with the available resources, but did have an overwhelming abundance of valuable materials, so the colonists settled the asteroid belt, and set up what became mini-nations there, until various figures, the most famous of which being Siobhan Xavier, were able to unite them and the various solar systems surrounding them.  

The Xavier Protectorate has been the victim of many raids by the Zrelgerian Kraterocracy, seeking territory, resources and slaves. They have also had skirmishes with The Royal Kingdom and the Liberty Empire.  

Nakazawa Imperium

"Fanaticism is one thing. Rapid expansion is another. Combine those two things and you've got a Faction which everyone should be keeping as eye on." Kazuto Takahashi, Xavier Protectorate Political Theoist

Nakazawa Imperium flag

The Nakazawa Imperium is small Major Faction, but is also one of the most rapidly growing and fanatical of the Major Factions. It controls just over 20,000 Solar Systems, and is known for being persistent in attacks, never letting up for a moment. Their Imperial Army had been able to achieve various victories around their new territories from even larger Major Factions, defeating them in open combat in spite of significantly weaker and smaller forces.  

Nakazawa Imperium traditional garb

Traditional warrior garb of the Nakazawa Imperium

Their rate of imperial expansion is unique within Verpletter for it's unparalleled speed. It's been suggested it's been able to take over 15 Solar Systems a year, either through rapid expansion or military force. Members of the Imperium have been noted as being almost suicidal in their efforts to take territory, even the smallest amount of it, even when their lives could be used more efficiently elsewhere.  

The cause for the rapid expansion and growth of the Nakazawa Imperium from a minor power to a Major Faction comes from recent appointments of government, which have fetishized conquest and expansion. The Imperium does not appear to have any major allies as of yet, and has been focused on the crushing of many minor Factions and forcing them to become a part of the Imperium.  

The Sonoran Union

Sonoran Union Flag

"Sand is small, but swallows you whole. Underestimate nothing." - A proverb from the Kessenski people, native to the world of Sonoran

The Sonoran Union is an Empire of about 3330 Solar systems. It originates from the Desert planet Sonoran, where after the cut-off from the rest of the Universe, a series of Human refugees from the Empire of Mankind were able to establish and create a society with the local Kessenski species native to Sonoran. This Union of species sowed the seeds for when the Union became space-borne, and encountered other species, whom later became a part of their union.  

Sonorani Woman Verpletter

Sonorani clothing

The Sonoran Union is located within the Eyðimörk cluster, which is known for a high concentration of desert worlds due to the heat of it's stars. Many of it's worlds, such as Sonoran, have something akin to an Arabic culture.It is well known for it's adherence to the principle of unity, which is has used to allow itself to expand peacefully. It is an effective political player in Verpletter, willing to make tactical alliances when necessary, and terminate them when they are no longer beneficial. This political savvy has saved them from many conflicts in which their opponents would have seen them obliterated, and former allies who were preparing to betray them.  

Ideologically, they are similar to The Commune Federation and the Xavier Co-Operative Protectorate. The three of these Factions make up something of a Left-Libertarian Alliance within Verpletter. They also have good relations with The Cårölus Syndicate. However, they hold a deep grudge against, Ushana Trade Conglomerate, Eskistan Plutocracy, and the Liberty Empire, particularly for what they refer to as The Grezaran Incident.  

The Cosmic Commonwealth of the Magocracy

"Literal wizards. Sure why not, not like Verpletter is absurd enough as it is." Commune Soldier Qubilah Belounis

Magocracy Flag

The Cosmic Commonwealth of the Magocracy, more commonly referred to just as "The Commonwealth", "The Magocracy", or "The Magocracy Commonwealth", is a Faction made of up approximately 350 "Nations" over 86,750 Solar Systems, located near the Galactic Core of Verpletter. These Nations appear to have been independent of one another at some point in the past, but have joined together under one particular union.

Comic commonwealth Magi

A Magi from the Cosmic Commonwealth. This particular individual is from the world Dusknight

It appears that all members of The Cosmic Commonwealth of the Magocracy have evolved and developed due to their proximity to the center of the Verpletter Galaxy - And have developed a type of psychic ability that they refer to as Magic. Varying types of Magic are experienced from Nation to Nation, planet to planet, and person to person. The collectivization of these various Nations are related to a history of persecution from other nations around the area, whom they defeated or integrated into their Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth seems to operate on a rotational ruler-ship system - Having several dozen leaders, all of which are rotated regularly. There are a series of various bureaucracies that seem to take place in order to select which ones of these are put into what position. Much of the Commonwealth Magocracy is a mystery to much of Verpletter as a whole. However, several sources from various Factions whom have visited the Magocracy have had few bad things to say about it, calling it a unique and wonderful place to be in.

Conflicts have arisen due to Factions such as the Xavier Protectorate expanding towards the center of the Verpletter Galaxy. It is unknown if this will lead to open hostilities between them at this time, or if they will make peace with them. Interestingly, they seem to show absolutely no mercy to slavers such as the Zrelgerian Kraterocracy, often pursuing fleets of ships until they either are out of range or have been obliterated.

Theocracy Of The Star Gods

Theocracy Of the Star Gods Flag

"The Stars grant us life and warmth. They hold our worlds close to their souls. They cradle our civilizations in their light. And thy will shall be done." - A Prayer from the Astro'ran, the Holy Book of the Star Gods.

A Faction similar in it's religious zeal to the Deciarchy of the Overlord, the Theocracy of the Star Gods is a 4000 solar System strong Faction, with a devotion to what is known as the Faith of the Stars - A Religious belief that Stars are in fact Gods, and that planets are cradles of life in an otherwise dark, desolate universe, provided by the Gods to nurture the beauty that is a living being. Astrophysics such as gravity are seen as the extensions of the will of the Star Gods, for example.

Theocracy City

The City of Thiiisise, one of the founding cities of the Theocracy of the Star Gods. It is home to thousands of shrines to the Star Gods

The faith seems to have evolved from a cult status, being very heavy on symbolism and imagery. Much of their aesthetics and architecture are akin to what one would expect of a cult, such as late-night chantings, imposing architecture, and borderline complete uniformity and obedience to their religious leaders. Even after becoming the dominant religion within it's space, it still maintains these tendencies

Interestingly, the Theocracy doesn't seem to hold much animosity to other faiths inherently, going so far as to describe them as "The spice of the universe that pleases the Gods" - Essentially seeing the diversity of worship as an interesting diversification in the universe, and apparently believing it to be pleasing to the Star Gods. This unique branch of worship has made the Theocracy not absolutely despised by many Factions, and created a belief among many they can be worked with.

However, the Theocracy is very capable of absolute obliterating their opponents. They possess powerful armada's which can crush any fleets that try to push their luck against the Theocracy, or if they violate one of the Star Gods. While generally permissive of things such as star-lifting, they ruthlessly oppose the detonation or death of Stars, and have violated agreements in order to prevent these things from occurring. Several Minor Factions have met their end by crossing the Theocracy.

The G.A.R.A.U Assembly

"Lots of specialists in the Confederacy of Borealis seem to treat AI like it's some kind of inherently destructive force. I think a lot of them would be surprised if they saw what the Garau are like." - Confederacy Consultant Xui Xing-Zhao

Garau Icon

The G.A.R.A.U (General-Automated-Response-Assistance-Unit), commonly written simply as Garau, are a sentient robotic species that have created an empire on the very edge of the Verpletter Galaxy. they originally seemed to be designed as an assistance unit for when biological life forms were in danger within the Verpletter Galaxy. They are the oldest Faction in Verpletter, existing long before any native Factions such as the Zrelgerian Kraterocracy were even capable of space travel.

Alpha Six-Four

Alpha Six-Four - One of the notable defense worlds that surround the G.A.R.A.U Assembly. It is an artificial planet that is constantly manned.

Their empire is designed to protect them what what they fear are violent sentients whom would strike out against them. They do have positive relationships with some sentient biological species whom treat them fairly, though they are still skeptical of them to a degree. Much of their 6000 Solar System seems to be something of a buffer zone. Many worlds are absolute fortresses, with some even being converted into planet-sized weapons. Others seem to have been left completely alone, or hollowed out and mined for their valuable materials.

Their intentions are unknown to the rest of Verpletter, with some seeing them as a Faction that seeks isolation, and others seeing them as one that seeks to obliteration of all other sentient life. The truth is that the Garau are concerned only with their survival, and expand and take territory not for glory, but through an internal logical process that dictates what resources they need and what may be a threat to them. Many of their actions do not have an underlying malice in them, but are rooted purely within a logical framework akin to that of their creators, whom's sense of logic seems to be different to that of most other sentient species.

Interestingly, the G.A.R.A.U seem to have a history with the Paradeni, though there are very few public details that are known. Neither side speak on this connection in a broader sense.

The Cårölus Syndicate

"Worker owned and worker ruled - The Syndicate marches into the future!" - The motto of the Cårölus Syndicate

Carolus Syndicate flag

The Cårölus Syndicate is a Faction with a total territory of 8000 Solar Systems, with a basis in a system known as Anarcho-Syndicalism.

The Syndicate is based on a system where immense unions known as Syndicates are the primary form of government, creating a merging of the workplace and the government. This means in practice that Syndicates that could, for example, wreck the ecosystem of a planet are run by their workers, whom can vote to prevent this, and also vote for environmental protections to be passed into the law of their worlds. By merging the workplace and the government, and allowing the workers to own their workplaces, the Syndicate is able to ensure that all inhabitants of a syndicate will suffer equally if they destroy a world, but will all equally benefit if they contribute well to that world.


Stadensvärld - A major world within the Syndicate

There are thousands of syndicates spread out throughout the thousands of solar systems and hundreds of thousands of planets under the Cårölus Syndicate's control. They all work on a decentralised basis, allowing local solar systems and planets to have control of their lives, while remaining interconnected with the wider Syndicate at large.

They have been kept unaware of the existence of the Commune Federation due to their unique positioning within Verpletter, trapping them within a series of nebulae and black holes until recent technological advancements allowed them to escape the location. It is suggested that they will become allies with the Commune-Protectorate-Sonoran forces.

The Syndicate is known to have a large number of ecumonopolises.

Collective City States of Thaes Gral

Thaes Gral flag

"There's something brutally effective about allowing cities the free reign that Thaes Gral permits - Every city sorts it's own crap out, and then when the need comes, they send their armies to swamp whatever target needs a killing. Keep notes." - General Volkhardt Rosenbluth of the Kreigsleute

The Collective City States of Thaes Gral, often shortened to the Thaes Gral City States, or even just Thaes Gral, is a collection of about 5000 Solar systems based on a city-level federation.

It is named after its founder and current ruler, Thaes Gral, whom uses technology to remain immortal, and command his empire from the home-world.

Each planet has multiple cities, which maintain a certain degree of independence when it comes to governance, but are overall loyal to the Thaes Gral Collective Federation, an Imperialist space empire. The Faction is expansionist, although many of their conquered subjects admit that little of their personal lives have changed under Thaes Gral rule.

The Faction is named after the ship that first landed on the capital planet, Shiyye. By permitting people to govern themselves on a city level, there is less bureaucracy for the Faction to need to face. It will often simply call upon the various cities to raise a force to it's various campaigns of conquest.

They are known to be rivals of the Cårölus Syndicate, and have a similar style of governance to the Royal Empire, but without the religious fundamentalism.

Eskistan Plutocracy

Eskistan Plutocracy Flag

"Whyever waste such a valuable solar system? It's not like the natives know what they're even sitting on. They'll be thankful in the end." - Plutocrat Khazretgali-Serik Ruslanev-Askarov

The Eskistan Plutocracy is a system of 4000 solar systems where the primary goal of each individual within the Faction is to make as much money as is possible. Banks rule entire worlds, as do mega-corporations. It is in many ways similar to the Liberty Empire, except it does not tolerate various businesses going off to do their own thing, and demands obedience to the state.

Eskistan City

Eskistan - The Capital of the Plutocracy. while Eskistan is a massive, glorious world, many worlds within the Plutocracy do not reap the benefits of the economic powerhouse

The government is run akin to a business, with profit motifs and quarterly incomes dictating many of the policies of the government that are applied to the state. The Plutocracy is well known for it's absolutely ruthless efficiency with economic power and development. It however, seems to have a fairly low quality of life for it's citizens, relatively speaking. Many however, seem to believe in many of the systems, and force themselves to work harder, further powering the economic machine of the Plutocracy.

Systems that are closer to the heart of the Plutocracy seem to be thriving worlds full of opportunities and accessible education and infrastructure to make life wonderful within the Plutocracy - Reports even suggesting that the quality of life for the wealthy is greater than the average wealth of those in the Commune Federation, or the Xavier Protectorate. However, this quality of life only applies to an incredibly small number of people, not even reaching 0.0001% of it's population.

The Plutocracy has economic alliances with the Liberty Empire, and the Ushana Trade Conglomerate. These forces have been able to create entire immense exploitative trade routes throughout all of Verpletter. They are also able to exert immense economic influence among other Factions, particularly Minor ones.

H.I.V.E System (Human-Intelligence-in-Verpletter-Extensive)

"H.I.V.E is a pretty damn good sign that you want someone who knows exactly what they're doing handling AI, or it can go really bad, really fast." - Katherine Mäkinen-Ndlovu, Cårölus Syndicate Researcher.


H.I.V.E System is an artificial Human Hive mind that has spread out to nearly 100,000 Solar systems. This Faction is directly concerned with bringing in all Humans into the H.I.V.E System, in order to ensure the survival of Humanity within Verpletter.

This Faction was born from Human refugees from the Confederacy of Borealis needing to find a way to make sure they didn't lose any of their limited number of colleges due to transmission errors and communication blackouts. The Humans developed a device which could be implanted into the skull, which would allow them to remain in contact with one another regardless of the distance, by creating conduits on planets that emitted immense wavelengths. These wavelengths would then call attention to everyone with the implant, named H.I.V.E, to be able to communicate with accuracy. It however, seems to have worked almost too well, and now all the Humans implanted with H.I.V.E have become almost a singular entity. H.I.V.E now seeks to bring more Humans into it.

HIVE Glowing eyes

When infected with H.I.V.E, the infected individuals eyes glow bright blue

It seems to have no regard for alien species, or even remote interest in them. Several solar systems within it's territory are alien territory, and have simply not been bothered, or have been allowed to continue as they so desire. If they become a threat to Humans however, H.I.V.E shows no mercy is utterly obliterating them to the point of extinction.

Ushana Trade Conglomerate

Ushana Trade Conglomerate

"Controlling the trade routes throughout an entire galaxy basically means that you have total control over the flow of labour, who can ally with who, and what can get where. Combine that with profit seekers, and you've got a network ripe to exploit people" - Commune Political Analysist

The Ushana Trade Conglomerate is a Faction which is in control of thousands of trading routes, which it uses to engage in trade with many Factions. It is in control of 9350 Solar systems, and has some of the widest reach of any of the Factions, due to it's control of it's many valuable trade routes. It is in fact responsible for several of the borders between Factions being what they are.

Trade Route

Conglomerate trade ship approaching trade station

The Conglomerate is in an economic alliance with both the Liberty Empire and the Eskistan Plutocracy, utilizing a great number of all their various resources to expand and engage in profit-seeking behaviour. This alliance has given them a great deal of control over Verpletters economic structure, and a great deal of military power over the various Minor Factions. It is primarily thanks to the Trade Conglomerate that this alliance has so much reach throughout Verpletter.

In spite of its reach, it is often left in precarious positions due to being so widespread. It is relatively easy to take over one of it's trade routes, only to find that two more have cropped up. It is unknown exactly how many trade routes the Ushana Trade Conglomerate actually is in possession of, as it appears that they keep the existence of many secret from outsiders.

Pyros Hegemony

Pyros Flag

"If there was one thing that someone could point to that shows how odd a place Verpletter is, it would be the existence of the Pyros." - Catharine Jakubowski, Empire of Man Biologist

The Pyros Hegemony is a Faction that has control over roughly 38,340 Solar Systems.

It is a Faction that is full of Human beings that, due to the various mutations that they experienced within the Verpletter Galaxy, are capable of producing, shooting, and manipulating fire and flames, making them a Pyrokinetic species. This mutant species is known as the Pyros.

Many members of the Pyros people are known for hyper-eccentricity, violence, and almost childish glee at their expansion. However, they are still as unique as any two Human-Beings are, and many oppose the expansion of the Hegemony. the Faction is often feared due to it's many members being considered unstable.

Fifth Reich

Fifth Reich Flag

"Nearly 200,000 years ago, Humanity went down an incredibly dark path. And then we let ourselves forget. The Fifth Reich is what happens when you don't force yourself to remember the bad. Even the worst of our history can come back to haunt us."

The Fifth Reich is a major Faction of 58,800 Solar Systems.

The Faction embodies values incredibly similar to those of the Nazi party from ancient Earth's 20th century, though with a few deviations from the original party.

Originally, the Faction comes from the world of Heimatwelt, where it was one of the small number of actually settled worlds in Verpletter before the Seal-Off. Far right agitators proposed that the local aliens within Verpletter knew the cause and were conspiring against the outsiders. This eventually extended into anyone who was alien in any way, or Mutant, seeing them all as traitors to the cleanliness of the Human bloodline. What they considered a Mutant became more and more strict, with people with freckles being considered genetic deviants and 'Processed'.

The Fifth Reich blames Mutant species for the many deviations and corruptions of Humanity within Verpletter and the wider Human race, and looks upon alien life with absolute disdain. they are openly hostile to anyone who approaches them. Though weaker than the Kreigsleute, they see one another as allies with similar goals, though both have plans to stab one another in the back once the other has outlives their usefulness.

Minor Factions

"The Minor Factions that were entirely immune to the conflicts that make up the Verpletter galaxy can be counter on one hand. Many have to pick a side, or join a larger Faction to stay afloat."
There are Dozens of Minor Factions within Verpletter, all facing various struggles and different circumstances. Some have become little more than proxy states, while others maintain genuine alliances with their Major Faction allies.  

Kaskar Dominion

The Kaskar Dominion is a Faction of 6,000 Solar Systems.

The region of space this Faction is known as the End Void, due to the number of ships that enter it but never leave. The End Void is considered to be one of the most dangerous regions of space in Verpletter that isn't an active war-zone.

This Faction is ruled by the Kaskar, a species that has three distinct variations of it's species - A two armed variant, a four armed variant, and a six armed variant. This Faction is oriented around a caste system, in which individuals are assigned a caste based on how many arms they have. It is unclear exactly what these castes are due to the limited information that is available on the Dominion. What is suspected however, is that the Six-armed variants are the military caste.

Ancek Liberation Front

"There is no freedom from oppression until the threat of oppression is destroyed." - Kezzetri Qwtens-Oblen-Ariagk-Essra, Commanding Officer of the Ancek Liberation Front  

The Ancek Liberation Front is a Faction of about 50 Solar Systems, made up primarily of the Ancek species, though many volunteers from other species have joined.    

The Faction fights a war of liberation against the FreeMines Consortium of the Liberty Empire, whom use the Ancek people as slave labour. The Ancek practice a system known as Democratic Confederalism. They are also allies with, and supported by the Commune Federation.    

The Sealand Trading Union

"Space be but a vast sea, and we be but it's sailors." - A Sealand Captain, Dagwood 'Dead Eyes' Tristan

Sealand Union

The Sealand Trading Union is a small empire of about 200 Solar Systems. It is a Market Socialist society, which originated on the mostly oceanic world Sealand. Throughout it's history, Sealand has been home to piracy and oceanic combat, until the many island nations formed a Union based around trade. As the society developed into a space faring one, it's naval traditions became space-bound, and it's trade ethics kept the empire wealthy and fed.  

They are well known for attempting to appease their enemies with trade deals and economic benefits, and this has worked in the cases of a few empires, such as the Liberty Empire, and the Zrelgerian Kraterocracy in a few cases. Others, such as the Deciarchy of the Overlord, or the Royal Empire, have not been deterred by this.  

Breakout Army

"I gave blood, sweat, tears, all in the name of a company that bled me for cash from the day I was born - I reckon I'm owed a little blood myself." - Breakout Army volunteer Brandon MacCottish

Breakout Army Flag

The Breakout Army is a force of defectors from the Liberty Empire, whom has set up a series of bases within 20 Solar Systems, but very little permanent presence. It is lead by Zoran Hêva, who became utterly disillusioned with the Liberty Empire after the conquest of a world within the Empire turned away from free Capitalism, and instead became more collectivist. He saw the system as far better than what he was offered in the Empire, and lead a coup, and now is engaged in a Guerrilla war against the Liberty Empire.        

The Breakout Army seeks to harass the Liberty Empire in backing away from various regions of space, though the Liberty Empire has no intentions of doing so. the goal is rather to make occupying various regions too expensive and costly the the Empire will simply abandon their claims there and leave. The effectiveness of this remains to be seen.        

Eberong Isolationists

"We seek only to be left alone. Respect that or pay the price." - A repeating message that keeps echoing from Eberong space.

The Eberong Isolationists are a minor faction that control roughly 100 Solar systems - But only inhabit a single world, namely, Eberong. The other systems they control are heavily defended and fortified, and seem to have little other purpose than the defense of Eberong.        

Jinkesk-Paraden-Krik Trifecta


"Our peoples protect one another. It's how we learned to survive. We will defend one another to the death."

The Jinkesk-Paraden-Krik Trifecta are a Faction of about 70 Solar systems, based around the alliance of three species - The Yarshen, the Paradeni, and the Krietok, and is named after their home-worlds, Jinkesk, Paraden, and Krik. They act in a defensive alliance against outside threats - If one is attacked, the others come to defend them. They have been fighting against the encroaching expansion of the Ushana Trade Conglomerate and the Liberty Empire.        

While this Union has given them a degree of protection from the outside, they are still a very minor Faction in the grand scheme of the Galaxy, and face immense obstacles in the way of their survival. they appear to be on good terms with the Commune Federation, which might provide them with some protection.        

Sentient Life in Verpletter
"Imagine how insane it must be - To be native to a galaxy so packed with life. the universe was more sparsely populated than we always imagined it to be, but for them, what we imaged is their reality, and in such a small space too - I truly can't even begin to comprehend what it must be like to live there."
Verpletter is home to a wide variety of lifeforms, and is home to an unknown number of sentient lifeforms. Predictions put the number of sentient beings in the galaxy in the high Quadtrillions. Estimations for non-sentient lifeforms are far, far higher.  

Verpletter is known to have lots of non-native civilizations within it due to being cut away from the rest of the universe. These civilizations have flourished in spite of being sealed off, though have had plenty of conflicts throughout it's history. Verpletter is well known for ideological conflicts breaking out, and continuous wars. In spite of this, these civilizations continue to expand and adapt to the many challenges of the Dwarf Galaxy  

Abundance of Life

Verpletter is home to a uniquely large variety of life, with several thousand sentient species being native to the dwarf galaxy.

There are hundreds of local species which have built up civilizations, that have either joined or been incorporated into larger Factions. Nearly all the native peoples of Verpletter have found themselves involved in some way, with very few being left on their own to remain fully independent of any outside influences. Only a few Factions, such as the Commune Federation, will defend and respect this desire.

The variety of life within Verpletter is noteworthy, ranging from walking, breathing trees, to sentient robots, hyper intelligent octopuses, void-faring whale-like creatures, and a great many more species. All manner of life is found in Verpletter, being considered by some to be one of the most bio-diverse galaxies in the known universe, proportional to it's size.

Mutant Species

Additionally, many Human mutant species have evolved over their time within the galaxy, adapting to new home-worlds and evolving offshoots in their small corner of the galaxy. Due to Humanity being spread over so many different worlds and evolving secluded from one another, there are a great number of mutant varieties of Humans within the galaxy.

Examples of this include the world of Fasia, which is uniquely home to several mutant species such as the Elaven, the Qar-Qar, Dwanvo and others. Other worlds, such as Cicero, are home to the Frugis, a species of humanity that evolved for incredibly cold conditions. There are also some mutant species which are granted special abilities due to the anomalous properties of Verpletter - The Magi from the Cosmic Commonwealth of the Magocracy evolved psychokinetic abilities that vary from world to world which they refer to as Magic, whereas the Pyros of the Pyros Hegemony became a pyrokinetic people.

The causes for such dramatic evolutionary paths is something that many scientists have been seeking to explain, but so far there are only anecdotal explanations unique to individual worlds, and not a broader explanation.

Native Species Of Verpletter

Despite being a dwarf galaxy, and the near dominance of Humanity, there are hundreds of alien species within the Verpletter Galaxy.

Note : Affiliation typically refers to the home-world and the broader species as a whole. Individuals and possibly whole colonies may have a separate affiliation to other factions or stay independent .

Species Homeworld Description Affiliation
Oswaihr  Qal-Trenski Oswaihr are a herbivorous species that evolved as a prey species. They possess eye-stalks out of the top of their skulls, possess three fingers and two thumbs on both hands, and are typically purple skinned.

A particularly jumpy species, they tend to be very suspicious of outsiders - Other Factions, other sentient species, or even individuals they have not met. This is a defensive measure they take, though they will let their guard down fairly easily after just a short while of feeling that they are not in immediate danger. Their society values loyalty and courage in the face of danger.

They were one of the founding members of The Commune Federation.

The Commune Federation
Elmaren Hosmiyr The Elmaren are a species of four-armed, large eyed humanoids that are native to a Rouge planet called Hosmiyr. They are evolved for life in the dark, and have enhanced senses to help them survive in such an environment.

They are a tribe-based society that has developed to a space-faring level. The various Tribes are called Taka, and are considered important to each Elmaren. They will always wear the emblem of their Tribe, no matter where they go.

They became one of the founding members of The Commune Federation.

The Commune Federation
Asren-Asheir Lazenteiyre The Asren-Asheir are a colourful avian species from the tropical planet Lazenteiyre. They possess four eyes, a sharp break, and long, barbed tongues. Instead of arms, they possess wings, which are covered in a variety of colourful feathers. They use their talon-like feet to handle complex technology.

They are an advanced species, whom place a deep focus on the ability to live ones life in as free and enjoyable a manner as possible. they are considered a laid back species. In the past, they were a very bloody and confrontational people, whom would strike at one another based on the colour of their feathers. This behind them now, they seek to create a society where all can live good lives.

They are a founding member of The Commune Federation.

The Commune Federation
Casorian Casoria The Casorians are an aquatic octopus-like species that come from the waterworld of Casoria. Stood upright, they are about half the size of the average Human being.

They have developed a huge underwater civilization underneath the oceans waves, and claim to have mapped the entire ocean floor. They are known for their high intelligence, their odd naming conventions, and their intellectual contributions.

After making first contact, they became the first member to join The Commune Federation after it's establishment.

The Commune Federation
Ther'Hakan Ther'Hak The Ther'Hakan are a species of one-eyed mammals that come from the Ther System. Often nicknamed 'Cyclopses' - Which they seem to like - They are a species that breathes Nitrogen dioxide, requiring they wear breathing masks when interacting with Humans and other oxygen based species.

Traditionally they were an isolationist species, and were actually hostile to the first contact teams that the Commune Federation sent to their world. At the time, they were suffering from a plague, which the Commune Federation was able to treat. Due to this act of kindness, the Ther'Haken ceased their hostility towards the Federation, and became members several years later.

The Commune Federation
Ik’Ik’Vikira Krieg (Liq’Ziq) The Ik'Ik'Vikira are a millipede-like insectoid species that were native to the planet known as Liq’Ziq, known now as Krieg. They are capable of reaching twice the length of the average Humans height, and have kertain body protections.

In Liq’Ziq society, they were the hunters of prey. They are an aggressive species, which comes from them being carnivorous. They do not seem to possess any animosity towards the Zek'eke'zka, seeing them as one part of their society, and themselves as the other. They possess an overwhelming hatred towards the Kreigsleute.

Many now live within The Commune Federation, hoping for the opportunity to take back their home-world.

The Commune Federation
Zek’eke’zka Krieg (Liq’Ziq) The Zek'eke'zka are a centipede-like insectoid species that were native to the planet known as Liq’Ziq, known now as Kreig. They are noteworthy for their speed, and their size - Twice the height of an average Human in length, though shorter than their Ik'Ik'Vikira relatives.

They were the labourers in Liq’Ziq society. They are a more subdued species. They do not seem to possess any animosity towards the Ik'Ik'Vikira, seeing them as one part of their society, and themselves as the other. They possess an overwhelming hatred towards the Kreigsleute.

Many now live within The Commune Federation, hoping for the opportunity to take back their home-world.

The Commune Federation
Esads Etune The Esads are an avian species from the world of Etune. They have four huge, powerful wings and two long, strong legs, with a long, powerful tail.Interestingly, they tend to use a set of wings as hands. They have six eyes and short, pointy beaks. The species has six distinct sexes, all of which possess a corresponding colour of feather.

They are well known for having a sense of manners that is considered somewhat alien to Human beings, such as it being considered a polite way of greeting by shoving someone to the ground. The Esads tend to only do this among themselves after several incidents with other species. They are a species known for respecting manners and customs of other peoples, even at their own discomfort, as they see respect as a deeply important part of any functioning society.

The Commune Federation
Famom-Patar Bezuno The Famom-Patar are from the nomad-based world of Bezuno. They are a long-limbed species with two mouths and the ability to shoot venom from under their fingertips.

The Famom-Patar never spend more than a year in one location, often feeling a compulsion to move elsewhere. This resulted in their entire world migrating to nearby towns which had been recently abandoned to live there, eventually meaning that the entire population of the world of Bezuno would then annually change locations. By the age of 24 - The age of maturity for the Famom-Patar - They have lived on every major cultural hub on the world.

The Commune Federation
Zrelgerian Zagrah




The Zrelgerians are a species of monochrome-skinned humanoids, whom have four distinct sexes, all of which have unique features and abilities to one another.

They are from the Zrel system - Several planets that all report themselves to be the home-world of the species. These worlds have been home to what is referred to as 'The interplanetary wars', and have since become the center of the Zrelgerian Kraterocracy, a Major Faction within Verpletter.

The cornerstone of Zrelgerian culture is "The Game" - A society spanning power struggle in which each individual within their society has the goal of attaining individual power, with the end goal being to surpass and usurp the Grand Emperor of the Kraterocracy.

Zrelgerian Kraterocracy
Yarshen Jinkesk The Yarshen are a species located in the Darkanesk system. They are a similar appearing species to Humans overall, but possess several differences - A lack of a nose, claws instead of nails, coloured teeth, and several other distinctions. They are notable for their vast array of skin colours, primarily being bright colours, while their hair is often a dark colour.

Their society is one which is meritocratic to the highest degree imaginable - Every single conceivable bias they could exist within the population is accounted for to permit people to rise up through the workforce purely based on merit. Their society values contributions and seeks to have the best contributions be praised - This may be due to the constant conflict surrounding them in Verpletter.

Their federation is known as the Jinkesk-Paraden-Krik Trifecta, or the JPKT.

Jinkesk-Paraden-Krik Trifecta
Krietok Krik The Krietok are an insectoid species from the planet Krik. Ant-like in their dominer, the Krietok possess a strong sense of community and togetherness.

They are also renowned for being ruthlessly utilitarian when they colonize new worlds, and leave nothing to waste. It is in fact considered a criminal crime to waste any resource that could be otherwise used to some degree.

They are part of the Jinkesk-Paraden-Krik Trifecta, or the JPKT

Jinkesk-Paraden-Krik Trifecta
Paradeni Paraden The Paradeni are an artificial species of sentient androids, which resemble a humanoid species with tentacles as opposed to limbs. They have an artificial layer of skin, which appears to be made out of a steel-carbon composition.

According to their history, their creators attempted to exterminate them after they developed sentience, but were defeated. The Paradeni allowed their creators to leave their world millenia ago, and have no seen them since.

The word "Paradeni" means "Helpful one" in the Paradeni lexicon. They are members of the Jinesk-Paraden-Krik Trifecta, or the JPKT

Jinkesk-Paraden-Krik Trifecta
Kessenski Sonoran The Kessenski are a reptilian species that are native to the planet Sonoran. They are a humanoid species with scales, and frills.

They are a welcoming species, and were very accepting of Human refugees who came to inhabit their world alongside them. They were also very aware of the existence of alien life long before Humanity showed up, apparently due to visits from the Borshann. They are now active members of the Sonoran Union, contributing in just about every single way imaginable.

They share a 'Bond of Friendship' with the Sonorani Humans, whom they see as irreplaceable allies.

The Sonoran Union
Borshann Yaghūth  The Borshann are a subterranean species from the moon of Yaghūth, and are one of the two native species from the Najima System. They are a four-eyed, three fingered, charcoal black skinned Humanoid species that has oil instead of blood.

They are an advanced species, able to hide their existence from Humanity when they arrived in Najima. After observing them for a while, they came to conclude that the Humans were a well meaning species, and willingly joined the Union between them and the Kessenski.

The Sonoran Union
Zetruiter Zuuvvun The Zetruiter are a humanoid species that appear to be made out of sentient rocks, with holes that glow green where their eyes would be, and appear to be telepathic.

Many of this species will spend their time alone, being a solitary people and often requesting to be given their own space in larger, more populated areas - This is not an act of mallice on their part, but simply a different evolutionary process via which they prefer solitude. They are not anti-social, and can work with other sentients, but this is more a preference for their civilization.

They are a subterrainian species. They were the first species outside of Najima that joined the Sonoran Union.

The Sonoran Union
Ghoz'ek Lloenov The Gohz'ek are an insectoid species from the world of Lloenov, which is according to them, an adopted home-world. They have not disclosed the reason for their departure from their homeworld, which they have not named either.

They possess insectoid wings and are capable of communicating between one another via pheromones. They communicate with other sentient species through a vocal translator, which translates their thoughts into words. However, this translates to their every thought being transmitted. This has lead to the Ghoz'ek being considered a particularly blunt species.

The Sonoran Union
Uuqaik Uuqak The Uuqaik are a species of green slime which are able to morph their shapes at will. They possess individual intelligence, and are capable of replicating the appearance of any individual they have encountered - However, they always appear green, no matter how otherwise convincing their morphs are.

The culture of the Uuqaiki is one of openness and transparency - due to their ability to morph, appearances mean very little to the Uuqaik, and as such, they are far more concerned with words and actions.

The Sonoran Union
Agreb-Nakir-Lazen Icernia-Klavok-Karren-Izar The Agreb-Nakir-Lazen are a technologically advanced species, which possess two internal brains within their skulls, which have evolved to work in tandem with one another. They are a Humanoid species, with the main identifying factors being their pale white skin, and blood red eyes.

To outsiders, they are seen as arrogant to a degree, whom love to argue for the sake of argumentation itself. with a tradition of intellectualism, this is not entirely untrue. It is difficult for the Agreb-Nakir-Lazen to comprehend that debate is not an art to some people, or even just a form of basic communication, and one they struggle to respect. They are also stubborn, often refusing to back off of projects after committing to them.

Regardless though, they are incredibly valuable members of the Sonoran Union, whoms contributions have been immensely beneficial to everyone within the Union.

The Sonoran Union
Kustreok Garzan-Kar The Kustreok are a plant-based species of sentient trees, possessing bark in place of skin, and sap in place of blood. Like trees on other worlds, they inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

They are considered to be an incredibly proactive species, with what appears to be a genetic compulsion to give themselves a task and complete it as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. they have an incredible work ethic, which can often leave them coming across as an impatient species. It is often recommended they be put into some sort of stasis for long, extended space journeys.

Their homeworld, Garzan-Kar, is a swamp-like world, and is well known for producing materials useful in terraforming worlds.

The Sonoran Union
Xugzar Queswewi  The Xugzar are a reptilian species, akin to humanoid Gekos. They are on average a meter taller than the average Human, and are known for being incredibly resilient to changes in their environment.

They are an incredibly adaptable people, whom seem to flourish when given a challenge. They have an incredibly competitive culture, with sports being an incredibly major part of their way of life. They are the architects of the Sonorani Interplanetary Stadium, in which various member worlds within the Sonoran Union compete in various sporting events, similar to the Olympics.

They are also an agreeable species, often accepting to assist other Factions in similar projects. The Xugar were responsible for assisting the Commune Federation in the construction of the Federational Olympic Station.

The Sonoran Union
Os'ai Os'ai'ai The Os'ai are a telepathic species from Os'ai'ai, which resemble small gorillas.

The species is known for not utilizing any real form of verbal communication, in spite of being ostensibly capable of doing so. They instead communicate almost exclusively telepathically. Due to this, conversations with them rarely last more than a few seconds, as all thoughts and the likes are instantly transmitted.

They are members of the Sonoran Union

The Sonoran Union
Ver Ver The Ver are an airborne species from the Gas Giant also known as Ver. They are incredibly resilient to pressure, meaning that they can travel to the center of their gas giant with little to no difficulty, which they did in order to mine it for resources.

The breathing function and eating function of the Ver seem to be the same as one another, consuming the gasses that they inhale. This process absolutely dictates that they leave their home-world equipped with the gasses they need to survive in truckloads - Those gasses being hydrogen and helium. They are capable of inhaling and eating other sorts of gasses, such as Amonia and Sulfur though.

They possess a series of floating cities that poke above the atmosphere of the planet, which allowed them to escape the confinements of their world early on in their existence.

The Sonoran Union
Ancek Ancek The Ancek are a blue skinned species that appear to be similar to Humans in most other aspects. They tend to also have orange hair.

They are subject to oppression under the Liberty Empire, whoms FreeMines Consortium Corporation use them for cheap slave labour.

Many are associated with the Ancek Liberation Front, which their species is most well known for on a wider scale.

Ancek Liberation Front
Yehrer Yiskoni The Yehrer are a reptilian snake-like species native to the moon world Yiskoni, orbiting the blue Gas Giant Salvation.

They were the first species the Deciarchy encountered when exploring the moons after the Overlord told them to settle on the moon of Rapture. The Yehrer were not aware of the existence of the Overlord until the Deciarchs told them and proved it to them. Immediately, they worshipped the entity as a God.

It is said that they were the founders of the Cult Of the Overlord.

The Deciarchy Of The Overlord
Ens'Starre Divine The Ens'Starre are a species of green skinned giant humanoids that breathe on Helium. They appear to be hunched and have huge muscles.

Their world was discovered by the Deciarchy, due to the Creators Eye Nebula overlapping into their solar system. However, when they refused to join the Cult of the Overlord, the Deciarchy crushed their systems and civic structures.

The original Ens'Starre culture has been destroyed, and a zealous devotion to the Overlord put in its place.

The Deciarchy Of The Overlord
Fokkats Stakkof The Fokkats are a species of fox-like mammals which come from the world Stakkof. They are humanoid, and possess bushy tails.

They are known mostly throughout Verpletter for being traders, and many see them as shifty dealers. They are also skilled informants, which they use to provide the Deciarchy with information.

The Deciarchy Of The Overlord
Ayxi Yzar The Ayxi are an avian species that are akin to crows, with two sets of wingsjutting out of their backs. They possess a set of thin arms, at the end of which they have a set of claws.

They were willing converts to the Cult of the Overlord, and now act as airborne troops for the Deciarchy

The Deciarchy Of The Overlord
Sarshak Sasak The Sarshak are a species shark-like sentient creatures that come from the water-world of Sasak. They appear to resemble Humanoid sharks. they are capable of emitting a glowing light from underneath their skin. This allows them to see in the dark depths of their ocean world better.

They are a particularly aggressive species, and are often used in battle against any aquatic species that the Deciarchy faces against. Before they were inducted into the Cult of the Overlord, they were a fanatical species to the Faith of the Deep, which suggested that at the core of their world, the spirit of their lord resided, and was waiting to be released. They abandoned the worship of this god when the Deciarchy drilled to the centre of their world and debunked their faith. they now cling to the Cult of the Overlord to fill in the void.

The Deciarchy Of The Overlord

Non-Native Species Of Verpletter

"Outside of Verpletter's native population, there were others there during the Seal-Off - The visitors from other galaxies. The most obvious were the Humans, who would later shape the very face of Verpletter. And then you had all the Mutant offshoots that would arise in the next few millennia. But to assume that Humans were the only ones poking their noses into the business of the small dwarf Galaxy would be an immense misunderstanding of the geopolitics of that place at large."
There are a few dozen species in Verpletter which are not native to the galaxy. Regardless, they have developed within Verpletter after the galaxy was separated from the rest of the universe, and have set up within the galaxy, regardless of if species still exists in the wider universe.

This refers to species that did not originate in Verpletter - This means sub-species that evolved in Verpletter are not counted as Native species due to their extra-galactic origins.

Note : Affiliation typically refers to the settled world and the broader species as a whole. Individuals and possibly whole colonies may have a separate affiliation to other factions or stay independent.

Species Settled World Description Affiliation
Humans Various Humans are from Earth, in the Milky Way.

They are one of the most prosperous species within Verpletter in spite of being foreign to it. Many of the factions within Verpletter have huge Human populations, or are run by Humans outright.

They tend to be an immensely diverse species in nearly all respects, including the values that they hold. Some seek to protect as much life as is possible, regardless of if it is human, or if it is even sentient. Others care very little for this, seeking only to benefit themselves, or their Faction at large. It is impossible to tell what values a Human holds by simply looking at them or the tendencies of their species.

Elaven Fasia The Elaven are a human sub-species that resemble elves from fantasy stories from Earth. They tend to be taller than the average human, have pointed ears, and possess black sclera. They are considered to be an exceedingly attractive species to those who are not from their homeworld of Fasia.

Elaven culture is based around the process of bettering oneself as an individual in whatever ways are considered lacking in that individual. For example, an intellectual Elaven may seek improvement in the arts, seeing it as a field in which they lack knowledge of. Elaven culture is based around becoming the most whole that a person is possible of becoming.

They are the desendents of another colony ship that was trapped in Verpletter. They share their homeworld with a number of sentient sub-species.

The Commune Federation
Dwanvo Fasia The Dwanvo are a human sub-species that resemble Dwarves from fantasy stories in Human culture. They are shorter than the average Human, and tend to be stronger.

Dwanvo culture has a fondness for perfectionism - Craft is considered integral to the mental well-being of a Dwanvo, and they will usually always try to master their craft to the best of their ability. If they master a craft, they will learn another. The more Crafts a person has, the more worthy of respect they are.

They are famous for their abilities to construct huge sub-surface cities. In modern space-faring times, they have found another field of expertise - Star-ship contribution. They share their home-world with a number of sentient sub-species.

The Commune Federation
Qar-Qar Fasia The Qar-Qar are a human sub-species that resemble horned, pale humanoids. They also tend to have red or white hair.

Typically they reside in the mountains of Fasia, where they practiced a form of pseudo-Communism before The Commune Federation arrived. they place a large value on community and communal living, and seek for anyone who desires to have such a life to be able to live it freely.

They were some of the most vocal advocates of joining The Commune Federation. They are considered to be incredibly hard workers in the fight for egalitarianism within the Federation.

The Commune Federation
Ororks Fasia Ororks are a human sub-species that resemble Orcs from human fantasy. Their skin tones vary from green to red and black, and are noticeable for having a set of tusks.

Interestingly, Ororks tend to have a peaceful culture, but have been to scapegoats for much of Fasia's existence until The Commune Federation arrived. It is considered cultural taboo for an Orork to refuse to assist another person if they have the ability to do so.

The Commune Federation
Skyborne Fasia The Skyborne are a sub-species of humanity that evolved wings that could allow them to fly in 1G environments. These wings grow from the shoulder-blades on the individuals back. The colour between these wings tends to be as varied as hair colour.

Skyborne are well known for being considered an incredibly competitive mutant-species, due to a culture that put a big emphasis on perfection over their flying abilities. This translated into other areas, and now many Skyborne seek to be the absolute best at everything that they do.

While proud, they are not arrogant, and are still valuable contributors to the Commune Federation.

The Commune Federation
Aquasi Fasia The Aquasi are a sub-species of humans that developed gills and webbed fingers and feet, allowing them to breathe underwater and swim effectively while submerged. They are also capable of breathing on land, allowing them access to nearly all the land of their home-world.

The Aquasi are a species which puts a lot of value on artistic expression and aesthetics, and produces a great number of artisans. They are one of the largest cultural exporters from Fasia, and it is often thought that it is largely their works that make Fasia such an enticing world to visit for those within the Federation.

Their cities are often considered the most beautiful in Fasia.

The Commune Federation
Sürunen Fasia The Sürunen are a Human sub-species that developed a reptilian appearance as they survived in the deserts of Fasia. They are the most noticeable deviation of all the sub-species of Fasia due to their reptilian adaptations.

The Sürunen also controlled the largest amount of land, (Not counting the Aquasi, who had vast underwater territories) claiming an entire continent-wide desert as their own. They had a House based system, which often managed one aspect of society - The House of Trade would handle matters of trade, for instance.

They are now active members of The Commune Federation, helping with the settling of desert worlds, as well as the management of various aspects of the Fasian system.

The Commune Federation


Cicero The Frugis are a Human sub-species that evolved on the moon-world of Cicero. They are notable for their blue skin and cat-like eyes. Many non-Frugis consider them to be cute.

They are also known for their warrior-like culture, and for overthrowing the feudal system that developed on their home-world. They are also famous for their sexual promiscuity, and openness about engaging in sexual acts with anyone they are physically compatible with.

The Commune Federation
Yettar Hadasamui The Yettar are a Human mutant sub-species from the frozen tundra world Hadasamui. Unlike the Frugis of Cicero, the world is kept in perpetual darkness, and is overwhelmingly cold. Due to this, the Yettar evolved to be far more hairy than regular Humans, making them resemble Yeti's from Earths ancient mythology.

The Yettar have been subjected to multiple invasions of their home-world ever since they landed after the Seal-Off of Verpletter. This made them very suspicious of any outsiders who tried to make contact with them. They were brought into the Commune Federation by the Frugis, due to their similar environments, needs to evolve, and shared genetic history.

That have been valuable in the settling of ice worlds, and in communicating with other isolationist species. They have been able to bring several isolationists out of their self imposed isolationism, and create alliances, or even join with the Commune Federation.

The Commune Federation
Empatehr Aesyure The Empatehr are a fur-covered, bovine-like species which has settled the ice-cold planet Aesyure. The walk on all four of their limbs, utilizing a type of mild telekinesis in order to move objects around them - but can only do this within a two-meter radius of whatever it is they desire to move.

According to them, they were separated from the wider universe during a research expedition. They have often been targets of the Kreigsleute. They joined The Commune Federation not long after the Casorians, seeking the protection of the Federation. They have contributed immensely in the fields of xeno-science and advanced various technologies forward.

The Commune Federation
Magi Various The Magi are a Human mutant sub-species that have formed on various worlds near the center of the Verpletter galaxy. They have not deviated much from the physical appearance of Humans whatsoever.

It is however, their mental abilities which have evolved. The Magi have developed various psychokinetic abilities that allow them to perform various abilities by utilizing their newfound powers. they refer to this ability as Magic.

The Magi tend to develop different psychokinetic abilities depending on which star-system they are located within. One, for example, may allow the Magi to develop pyrokinetic abilities, while the other may allow them to freeze water vapour in the air, making them cryokinetic.

Cosmic Commonwealth of the Magocracy
Pyros Pyro The Pyros Are a Human mutant subspecies which had developed chalk-black skin, and the ability to generate and resist fire. They are a pyrokinetic species and the sole dominant species of the Pyros Hegemony.

The Pyros have a childish mentality, often seeing conquest and territorial expansion as little more than a game to be played. This is not the universal attitude, but many interactions with Pyros leave mental psychologists estimating that they do not seem to have the mental capacity beyond that of fifteen years of age at the most.

The Pyros Hegemony

Forces of Nature

"You have to admire the average Verpletteri - On top of constant conflict, ideological warfare, complex networks of alliances, outside influences, hostile worlds and who knows what else - On top of everything, they have Forces of Nature that can be just as deadly as any sentient life-form - And they still carry on, and keep fighting to uphold their values. I can think of a dozen galaxy spanning nations that would crumble under that sort of pressure, but they just refuse to give up their values. I'm amazed that their galaxy isn't just on constant fire."
Due to the nature of Verpletter, and it's overabundance of life, there are some alien species which can only be classified as a 'Force of Nature' - Species that tend to cause intense damage to the native population. The open hostility that these creatures might have for sentient life varies from species to species, with some openly seeking to destroy any sentient life they come across, while some cause harm to sentients entirely by accident and unawareness.

Some Forces of Nature species can actually be beneficial to sentients who manage to utilize them correctly, though this can often be a considerable effort for little proportionate gain.

Togis Rays

Togis Rays are huge manta-ray like creatures that possess a red complexion, and feed off of void ecologies - Ecosystems that create themselves around asteroid belts and the rings that surround planets. they release a spore which allows for the creation of more void ecologies in the places that they visit, allowing them to create more food sources for themselves as they travel.

Togis Rays are a peaceful Force of Nature, but have been known to batter entire fleets without meaning to. The average Togis ray is about one-fourth the size of Luna, and fleets of them can be visible from the surface of whatever worlds they travel past. The Commune Federation has been able to tame many Togis Rays, whom now fly alongside their fleets.


The Gygas-Gycar are an unknown, unseen telepathic species that reside in the Klystruck Nebula, capable of transmitting their thoughts over thousands of light years. What they want and how they intend to acquire it has not been made clear to any Faction within Verpletter, but it is clear that the species has an interest in spaceships, not seeming to understand why sentient beings need to use them to travel through space. They have managed to convince many crews into committing suicide by persuading them they too did not need a spaceship to survive.

The Gygas-Gycar have been marked as a Force of Nature until first contact procedures can be officially made, and the subject of why they are so interested in spacecraft has remained unsolved as of yet.

The Kara

The Kara are a species of suspect sentience, whom are driven by a compulsion to engage in immense conflict and violence. Xenobiologists have suggested that the species seems to be capable of asexual reproduction, simply duplicating itself ten times once every three days. This meant that worlds that are attacked by them constantly face the threat of a growing horde of Kara whom seek only to batter them into oblivion. Kara are located throughout Verpletter, and have been a thorn in the side of a great number of Factions.

Worlds of Note

"Verpletter is like any other galaxy when you get right down to it - It has stars, planets, moons, asteroids, that whole mess. And they've been colonized in ways that best suited the situation - What makes Verpletter unique is the number of different people and species within the Galaxy, and how that's created such an immense variety of colonized worlds there.
Even after millennia of expansion, we learn that there is still so much possibility and diversity in our ability to colonize the endless void."
There are a huge number of worlds which have been settled in Verpletter. Many worlds have been utilized in some way, either from being directly colonized, mined, converted, terraformed, or any other number of various utilizations. Due to how each Faction colonizes worlds, there is an immense variety of them.

Name of Planet Description of Planet Star System Under the control of
Qarshiqar Qarshiqar is the capital of the Commune Federation - It is a Gas giant planet that has built around it, a series of O'neil Cylinders all interconnected together. It is called a Rungworld.

Qarshiqar is also a rouge planet, located between several solar systems. It was selected for the role of the Capital of the Federation so as to not favour any one species. the various O'Neill cylinders are designed with different environments and atmospheric conditions - This is to allow for any and all species to visit Qarshiqar without any incident.

None (Rouge Planet) The Commune Federation
Marx Marx is a world which is full of red planetlife, and has two major continents, with scattered islands between the two of them. It is one of the twin capitals of the Linkinsik system.

Marx was home to a group of Human refugees from the Confederacy of Borealis, and after centuries of economic hardship, they rose up and launched a revolution. Many centuries later, they were one of the worlds that first helped to create The Commune Federation

Linkinsik The Commune Federation
Engles Engles is one of the twin capitals of Marx, and is it's binary twin. The world war terraformed just before the technology of the Human refugees failed, allowing for Humanity to have two home-worlds within the Linkinsik system, with limited travel between the two.

Like Marx, Engles rose up in revolution, and was able to overthrow it's oppressors. It would later go on alongside Marx to help found the Commune Federation.

Linkinsik The Commune Federation
Álvarez  Álvarez is a world in the Gamma-Azzar System, the solar system closest to Linkinsik. The world is notable for it's huge ruins, which suggested the existence of an alien civilization that once roamed the planet.

Álvarez is now a barren world that does not possess an atmosphere. The Commune Federation has set up a series of bio-domes without disturbing the ruins of Álvarez, preserving them as historical sights. Within the biodomes however, life carries on as normal, with the usual influences and advancements and citizen living as anywhere else within the Commune Federation.

The ruins of Álvarez have inspired architecture throughout the Federation.

The Commune Federation
Fasia Fasia is an incredibly unique world that possesses unique properties that encourage rapid evolution on fauna that lives there. It is home to several Human mutant sub-species that evolved over several generations.

It is now considered to be a vitally important cultural and economic hub for the Commune Federation, with it's various species bringing something unique to the table, and contributing to the character of the planet. It includes a "Sphere of Responsibility", which it uses to assist the various other solar systems near it.

Kauike  The Commune Federation
Sonoran Sonoran is the Capital planet of the Sonoran Union. It is a desert world which is home to the native Kessenski species. Human refugees and the Kessenski were able to create a unified society on this world, and were able to create a huge galactic power from it.

Sonoran is home to a wide variety of cultures, since the Human and Kessenski cultures merged into one another, and various regions of the planet would contribute different things.

Najima The Sonoran Union
Datin Datin is the capital of the Alhala system, the nearest solar system to the Najima system. Datin was the first extra-solar world that the Sonoran Union colonized.

Culturally significant to the Union, Datin was colonized originally by doming over valleys, which were then terraformed into warm habitats to allow the (at the time) three species of the Union to live in them. Over the centuries, the rest of the surface has been built up with automated facilities and large complexes that connect to the valleys. Several more valleys have been dug out to increase the living space of the planet.

Datin is one of the most significant cultural worlds within the Sonoran Union, due to being the first world in which it's three founding species worked together on to settle.

Alhala The Sonoran Union
Salvation Savlation is a blue Gas Giant, of which the moon of Rapture orbits. Salvation is home to the mega supercomputer that the Deciarchy of the Overlord worships as it's God, the Overlord. Aside from the presence of this supercomputer, Salvation is a relatively unremarkable planet. It is however, now the utter centerpiece of Deciarchy religious worship. It's iconography is spread all throughout the Deciarchy. Crusade The Deciarchy Of The Overlord
Rapture Rapture is the capital of the Deciarchy of the Overlord, and is a moon that orbits the Gas giant Salvation. Rapture is an oblong world which in spite of it's odd shaping, is a veritable paradise for life. the world has been developed in an immense shrine to the Overlord, with huge spires reaching high above the atmosphere. the Deciarchy works to keep the planet green and lush however, not wishing to spoil the paradise the Overlord has granted them. Crusade The Deciarchy Of The Overlord
Krieg Krieg is the capital of the Kriegsleute. It is a desolate world, primarily mountainous, with very little surface water, though there are huge underground rivers which keep the population from dehydrating. It also possesses a ring system, which has also been colonized, and turned into a defensive system, in which every asteroid has immense defenses that make them all individually difficult to crack. Krieg is thought to be the single most fortified world in the entire Verpletter Galaxy. Krieg Kriegsleute
Terra Terra is the capital world of the Terran Nationale. It is an Earth-like world, that has been more or less entirely colonized. It is considered to be the new incarnation of Earth by the Terran Nationale, and every inch of the world is fill to the brim of hyper-nationalist propaganda. Sol Nova Terran Nationale
Pyro Pyro is the capital world of the Pyros Hegemony, and the home-world of the Pyros. This boiling world has rivers of magma and lava, yet somehow possesses an oxygen atmosphere, against all logical sense. It is theorized that it may once have been a lush world, before a stellar incident turned it into a fireball.

With oceans and rivers of lava, Pyro is a difficult world to invade or even settle. the Pyros themselves do not seem to have any pre-mutation architecture. Documents suggest that they lived in dugouts before they adapted to their new environment. They now reside in huge, rocky towers, which spike out from the surface of the world.

Kün Pyros Hegemony

Relationships with the Outside

Ever since re-entering real space, many nations outside of Verpletter have shown an interest in what is happening in the small Dwarf Galaxy. The small galaxy has become quite famous throughout the local universe, with many Factions having many sympathizers.

While some are interested in forming relationships, other Nations seek to exploit the Factions within the Galaxy, seeing their fighting as an opportunity to increase influence, territory, income, or all three. Some smaller, individual societies have attempted to contact

For the most part, outside of trade operations, many nations have opted to leave Verpletter alone. Many fear that getting involved in their immense conflict could bring them into conflict with other Factions in a prolonged, unnecessary war, or even spark conflict between the greater Universal powers.

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