The Verres Dynasty is the ruling Dynasty of the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony. All nobles, admirals governors and Generals must have a little Verres blood to be taken seriously as high ranking officials in the hegemony. The earliest member of the Verres Dynasty is Drusis I, The founder of the Publiusian bloc. Although it is possible for common-bloods to become high level officials, it is very hard.

Political intrigues

Unfortunately for members of the Verres Dynasy, there is a high risk of assasination for those who choose to be of higher rank, and so Verres family members may have up to a hundred armed body gaurds.

When an emperor dies, a prominent and powerful heir would be selected by the Neo-Terran high council. When inaugurated, the new emperor must change his name to Drusis.

Due to NTIHs patriarchic nature, Pregnant woman in the Verres Dynasty Usually inject themselves with hormones to make their children male. The few princesses in NTIH are usually married off to powerful families inside and outside NTIH.

Unlike many other Monarchies, Verres members are allowed and even encouraged to marry people belonging to lower classes of the caste system


Looking back at history, the Neo-Terrans realized the downfall of most prominent monarchies in old earth history was bad leadership, and so early on into its history, an "Intermissions" system had been set into place. In the event an emperor dies, a Verres member would be elected king every 100-10000 years until a king shows himself to have skills so great that being king brought NTIH into a golden age. When a king showed himself to be a tyrant, he would be booted off the throne, and banished or even executed by the Neo-Terran Council. Only then would that king be inaugurated as the next Emperor. The only time this system had been bypassed was during the war for all, when Drusis VI was killed in a surprise seeker attack.

Marriages and Alliances

In several ocasions, the Verres Family and the Tarnos Family, rulers of the Empire of Mankind, have intermarried due to common interests, either strategic or economic. The most famous marriage was that of Julia Verres, daughter of the Neo-Terran Emperor and sister of the Heir apparent, to the Tarnos Prince and later Emperor Kador III Tarnos.

Leaders of the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony

  • Emperor Drusis IV: ~25000
  • Emperor Drusis V: ~25000- 26129
  • King Remus, King Romulus (co rule) 26129-26530
  • King Remus 26530-26980
  • Queen Anikonan 2680-2684
  • King Kaeso 2684-27203
  • King Kaeso II 27203-29050
  • King Maximus 29050-36774
  • King Theodore: 36774-36809
  • King Lawrence: 36809-36815
  • King Tynos: 36815-36881
  • King Kaeso III 36881-36883
  • Khan Rovan 36883-38236
  • Khan Geovin 38236-38370
  • Commander General Donovin 38370-38375
  • Emperor Drusis VI 38375-188751
  • Emperor Drusis VII 188751-
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