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Verrune (RS 8409-3449-6-176805-53 4 in is a D-Class world located near the edge of the Milky Way, 86,950 light-years away from Earth.


Verrune is older than Earth at 6.669 billion years. While it is the largest terrestrial planet in its system, Verrune is only a moderately sized planet with a diameter of 9660 km. Gravity at Verrune's surface is ~7.6 m/s (77% of Earth's). The planet's semimajor axis is 1.25 AU. One Verran year is 1.37 Earth years and has a rotational period of 17 and-a-half hours. While it does have an atmosphere, it is extremely thin at only 0.0036 atm. The atmosphere is composed primarily of helium and chlorine, giving it a green hue. Despite its age and size, Verrune is still very geologically active. Although very few volcanoes exist on the surface, Verrune's metallic core of the planet is almost as hot as Earth's. Major tectonic plates exist, but shift negligibly slowly.This means Verrunequakes exist, but are rare and usually weak. The average temperature on Verrune varies between -2.8 F and 19.2 F throughout its year.

Verrune's has an ESI of 0.877.

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