Veserbia (RS 8474-3716-7-1209403-81 4/ is an inhabited E-Class Planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. It is the location of the Veserbian State of the human People's Kingdom of Kapiar-Veserbia, despite its land territory of only about 3.5 million sq. km on the entire planet. The majority of the planet's inhabitants are native humanoid Veserbians, who are capable of but do not widely utilize short-length interstellar travel.


Prior to human contact with the planet, on the late 16th millennia, the native Veserbians slowly spread across the four largest continents of the planet, building multiple civilizations not unlike what happened to humans on Earth. By the time the planet was first discovered by humans, the locals had already mastered electricity-based industries although they was still incapable of spaceflight.

While normally the first contact would be held back until one of the civilizations on a planet had mastered spaceflight, in this particular case a micrometeorid impact on the exploration vessel forced it to crash-land on the planet's south pole, stranding it on the planet with few methods to contact the outside world save for requesting help from the locals. Afterwards, some arrangements were made with the planet's inhabitants in order to slowly transfer the base Confederate technology in exchange for the large uninhabited, rather cold landmass where the vessel had crash-landed. This landmass later grew into the Veserbian State of Kapiar-Veserbia.

The large landmass, while too cold and dry for the native Veserbians, were ideal for human habitation and some colonists, mostly coming from the overpopulated megalopolises in the sector closer to Earth, were slowly drawn into the planet among other prospective colonies. Aside from the humans, plenty of the natives also immigrated to the landmass with purposes ranging from learning human technologies to trading with the newcomers.

Humans settled across the landmass, establishing food production and industries which supported a large economy which in turn attracted more settlers. Eventually, these people will be the basis of colonization for several different nearby systems, particularly the Kapiar system which ended up having a slightly larger total population than the humans in Veserbia themselves.

During the course of the War of the Decamillenial Transition, the people of Kapiar and Veserbia both decided to secede from the Confederacy of Humanity after repressive actions against the first separatists, creating their own government in union with each other as Kapiar-Veserbia.

From the technological transfer of the humans, the local Veserbian Nation-States had somewhat consolidated and began to colonize their own system, which had been left for their exclusive use.

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