Vesta is a large asteroid in the asteroid belt and a human colony. It is most famous for its geological sites, where many minerals can be found. It is somewhat paraterraformed.


Vesta was initially discovered in 1807 by H. Olbers. Later, the Dawn probe orbited it in 2011-2012. The first human missions started in 2063, where French-Italian astronaut J.P. Cavallotti was surprised to find a large amount of alluminium.

In 2187, the first stable colony was settled, but the paraterraforming started in the 38th century. The Rheasilvia mount and Veneneia crater are the most inhabited places, being close to geological sites and having space-ports to Mars. The entire population is of 8500 (excluding some hundreds of people in orbiting stations).

Screenshot 20190223-104739

An aerial photo of Vesta's surface

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