The Viana Cluster (RC 8474-7731) is a globular cluster located above the Milky Way's galactic plane.


The Viana Cluster is considered to be very beautiful by many and is famed for its many strange and natural wonders, some of which can even be considered anomalous.

It was first reached in 3124, and the planet of Viana Prime would soon become its capital. Ever since then, more of the cluster has been explored and colonised. Some of its native alien races have also been contacted.

Notable species/races

Humans (not native)





Vinosians (extinct)

More to come

Strange occurrences

The cluster is well known for many strange and unexplained features.

For example:

Vinos : Nicknamed, "World of the whispering winds", this planet is notable for the strange winds that sound like unintelligible whispers as well as strange humanoid dust formations.

Xygol: A large blue supergiant that has been observed emitting strange magnetic wave patterns. It is orbited by 10 planets and is 2.96 lightyears away from the Viana system, making it appear bright in Viana Prime's night sky.

Mirana: A planet famous for its vast cave systems of luminous crystals known as Luminite. Some towns and villages were built in these caverns after terraforming was completed.


A list of major events in Viana's history.

Pre-common Era

7.7 Billion BCE: Vinos forms

3.5 Billion BCE: The Gesh-Ximban system forms

2.5 Billion BCE: Bacterial life arises on Zyvoori

557 Million BCE: The Viana System forms

6.3 Million BCE: A devastating event occurs on Vinos, destroying all its inhabitants and leaving the planet a desolate wasteland

3 Million BCE: The Zyvoori evolve

Common Era

3124 CE: Humans discover and colonize Viana Prime

3127 CE: Mirana is discovered.

3147 CE: Mirana's atmosphere is changed to be breathable and colonies are soon built.

3164 CE: Constriction of Crystalia begins.

3214 CE: Crystalia is completed. This is nowhere near finished

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