Viana Prime is a temperate E-class planet in the Viana Cluster and serves as its capital.


The planet was discovered and soon colonised in 3124 by a large group of Humans who first entered the Viana Cluster. It is the fourth planet from its sun and is orbited by 9 moons, 3 being S-class worlds, the others being asteroids.


Viana Prime was soon terraformed and within decades became a world of expansive megacities, now being home to a whopping 34.5 billion people. However, despite its massive population and huge cities, there is little pollution as most of the planet is solar powered, including the vehicles.

There are also some garden areas located here and there throughout the cities. The night sky of Viana Prime is extremely beautiful, filled to the brim with bright stars.


The weather on Viana Prime is typically calm and predictable, having an average temperature of 17 °C. Artificial rain is also generated to keep gardens alive as most of the planet's natural precipitation fell down on the sea rather than on land.


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