The Vicinity Galaxy is an irregular galaxy 525 megalightyears from the Milky Way. It is the closest galaxy to

the Ginga Galaxy, and is controlled exclusively by The Cooperative.


The galaxy is controlled by The Cooperative. The capital planet is Flaida.


The Vicinity Galaxy never had many civilizations in it as it is a fairly young galaxy. Very few stars had life, so when The Cooperative finally emerged, it took over the entire galaxy with no opposition.

In 190012 CE, the galaxy was attacked by The Cristallus Noocracy. Fortunately for The Cooperative, the Noocracy was not in any way prepared to conquer a galaxy, this miscalculation gave The Cooperative a chance to bolster its military.

Now the galaxy is the site for many battles between the Cooperative and The Cristallus, with no clear winner in sight.

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