Vineamea is the third planet of the Vinum System located in the Vocatus Nebulae in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a warm, tidally locked S-Class world.


Vineamea is a warm tidally locked planet, its surface is very flat and dust covered with not many craters on it.

It also has very little in terms of precious resources as its almost made entirely out of rock. Some small slat and iron deposits are located underground. Despite this, robotic mining operation launched from Aqua-Inferni and Cervisiam mine its small amounts of resources.

The planet has a thin atmosphere made up of water and carbon dioxide. Though being very thin it's the main culprit of the planet's warmth as it traps its heat on the surface.

It has constant tidal forces inflicted upon it by its sister planet Cupam since it orbits within its massive gravitational fields.


Vineamea would be the last planet form from the planetary disk in 7,000,000,000 BCE. When it first formed it was very cold however its orbit would become closer and closer until it became the warm Salena world we see today.

Like Uva before it, when the Human Alliance of Ambrosia entered in the Vinum System, Vneamea was deemed to be not worth the expense of establishing colonies on its surface, rather opting to send robotic probes to mine its surface. As such, periodic mining operations are sent there from the two aforementioned colonized planets.

The planet's two succeeding governments, the True Alliance of Man, and the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems would continue to do the same.

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