Vinthras, previously designated RS 5619-228-8-5475415-86 A4, is a terra-class world with multicellular marine and terrestrial life. It has an average orbital period of 33.677 days and is tidally locked. The temperature on the light side of the planet usually averages around -2 degrees celcius, whilst the dark side averages at -70 degrees celcius. The dominant species, the Vinthrians, are a single-system species owning all 7 of Vinthras's moons and another warm terra with life much like Vinthras just one spot away in their planetary system. This planet, Sarniv, averages at 89 degrees celcius, which allows the assumption that the Vinthrians are a very versatile species.

It is not known whether or not they have ventured at all to the other side of their system, due to it being a binary system. Given their current technology, it takes them 5 months to get from Vinthras to Sarniv. They are withing the Black Eye Galaxy, so under the protection of the Protectorate.

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