Vlonoans are a sapient species that live in the space controlled by DELYATU.


Vlanoans are bipedal and have two arms. They have three digits on their hands. Their head is a near-perfect sphere with one very large eye on the front. They can see only the same wavelengths humans can see. They detect smell and sound with various receptors spread out across the skin.

The average height is 1.8 meters, and their average weight is 50 kilograms. Their homeworld is the planet Onaud.

Social Structure

The majority of Vlanoans live in the Salis Cluster, however, there are a few in smaller colonies beyond that.

The vast majority of Vlanoans worship DELYATU as a god in a religion called Nfionism. DELYATU invented this religion to control the populace and prevent rebellions.

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