Vo'Da is a tropical terra located in the Sakian system. It has a special place in the Sakian system, as it is the first world in it to be successfully terraformed. Vo'Da itself used to be a near-boiling oceanic wasteland, filled to the brim with hot water. Before Vo'Da became a lush jungle, Xa'Thins would reside on raft cities, or sky cities. Expeditions to the outside waters would rarely occur, as a result of the risk that it would cause to Xa'Thin lives.



A picture of Voda before it was terraformed. Note the toxic atmosphere, and unfriendly appearance.

Vo'Da was formerly a toxic aquaria, with a thick atmosphere, which contained oxygen and carbon dioxide. Trace amounts of methane were also detected, as well as bits of ozone. With this chemical soup being present in Vo'Da's atmosphere, it was essentially impossible for any Xa'Thin or Human to breathe in it. As a result, colonists had to wear special suits, which filtered out any non-breathable air.

To further delve on to Vo'Da's former inhospitablility, anyone would see that the oceans were near-boiling temperatures.This was a result of Vo'Da's large greenhouse effect, which was caused primarily by the water vapor in its atmosphere. The oceans were also very salty, likely caused by the interaction of the ocean floor.

Post Terraforming

After a few decades of modifying its layout, Vo'Da had finally become habitable. Flora and animal life were quickly added to the surface, and citizens in the raft cities embarked upon land. It seemed like a dream come true in the eyes of the citizens.

As soon as the land became airable, many farmers and rural areas arrived. Urban areas were also quickly developed near the coastlines. These areas eventually came to be one of the largest urban areas in the Sa'Kian system.

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