The Vocatus Nebulae is a diffuse nebulae located in the Mid Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy. It houses one star system, the Vinum System


The Vocatus Nebulae is an average size, diffuse nebulae that gives off a distinctive red coloring.

Strangely, the nebulae is completely made out of alcohol. Though certain nebulae are known to contain alcohol, it's not very often that one will be completely made of the chemical. It contains quintillions upon quintillions of liters of alcohol.

This has lead to the nebulae to be a fairly popular tourist destination as many visit the vast vineyards of the planet Aqua-Inferni.

The Vinum System operations as a sort of "cosmic vineyard" as the inhabits within it work with robotic instruments to mine out the alcohol of the nebulae in order to make large quantities of wine and other alcoholic beverages. As such, the company that owns the nebulae is named Cosmic Vineyard.

Because of this, the Vocatus Nebulae has been one of the most valuable resource for all three of the respective governments that held control of the nebulae as the alcohol produced with it is considered of very high quality.

The Nebulae was created when an ancient star nicknamed "Vocatus" went supernova in 11,000,000,000 BCE. Thus creating the nebulae we see today.

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