Vonri from Orbit

Vonri is a temperate E-Class world and colony of the Horuth in the Exotel System.


Vonri is located in the Exotel System (or RS 8409-1353-6-171850-779 in orbiting the star Exowa. It supports both marine and terrestial life alongside it's sister planet Hemasti orbiting Mentel, the smaller star in the Exotel System. It's semimajor axis from Exowa is 0.825 AU. Being 11 billion years old, Vonri captured a total of 8 asteroids which orbit the planet as moons.

Vonri Map

Map of Vonri


Vonri has a diameter of 9040 km with a mean temperature of 10°C. It orbits itself in 19 hours, 54 minutes and 15 seconds. It orbits it's parent star in 283.221 earth days.


Vonri's atmosphere consists of 23% of oxygen, 76.9% of nitrogen and 0.1% of carbon dioxide. It's atmosphere is surprisingly calm, so there are no storms on the Planet.


Vonri is the new home planet of the Horuth. They originally evolved on Hemasti. After the industrialization of their original homeworld, Hemasti's atmosphere had become rich with carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. They searched for other worlds to live on and found Vonri. After about 0.5 billion years, they colonized Vonri and brought some of Hemasti's animals to the planet too.

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